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F2P's Recording of the Press Path Presentation

F2P's Recording of the Press Path Presentation
  1. Victor Walteros
    i think that the deterioration of a building should be in acordance with the lvl of your building skill as well as having avalible buffs or boosts to ajust acordingly. and i see the scientist and settler being the clases that benefit the most as far as being rich in $$$ and resources especialy if you a settler and build shops and get a portion of the mula from the sales made. also i belive every building should have its own lasting time.
    Jun 17, 2013
  2. Kelvin
    The Settler is (I think) what I have most interest in but the short expiration would make me feel like the time and effort that I put into building is wasted. Sure XP is great and whatnot, but if I make an effort to help others, it should feel more rewarding in that aspect. I would want to return an hour or so later and think "nice, I helped build that". What happens in the following years when there aren't as many new players and the towns are empty? Are they simply unbuilt until higher level towns?
    Jun 16, 2013
  3. Kyrios
    Does that voice sound familiar to anyone else? or am I wrong? #devspeak
    May 28, 2013
  4. Kyrios
    Its all about how people like to play. If you like group style and helping people (SOOO ME!) you play Settler. I would love to say hey, I am building a quest hub with epic loot if anyone wants to group and take it on. Or just take me along so I can build some motor bikes to get us back faster!
    May 28, 2013
  5. Savina
    They really need to consider that it will detour alot of people who would like being settlers from taking that path.Why would i want to start on settler only to spend most of my time keeping up my settlement so my guildies and allies can use it.I will like to say that is there first mistake in paths , is with settlers i hope they see this post and make some kind of change , I would like to see it up for over a hour are 2 would be great!.
    May 27, 2013