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  1. Torguish
    Well, i think it WOULD be fun if i had to wait for my friend. Purely for the reason that it keeps me motivated to keep him alive and vice versa.. :D Like i said, it keeps death a bigger deal. If you let your friend die, you should pay for that mistake too. Which is waiting for him. And he's dead, so he's paying the price already... :P

    It might be a bit weird, my point of view that is. But that's just how i feel. It adds tension and immersion in my opinion. That's the biggest think in MMO's that keep them going. No matter how big your eldergame is, if immersion and the ''tension'' is missing, you won't be coming back. If you don't get the ''OH <REDACTED> I'M GONNA DIE, HELP ME'' out of it and instead you get ''just run, i'll die. Res me when he's done'', that's a negative fact for me.

    And also, lore isn't an issue for me :D I'm sure Carbine could pull of flying <REDACTED>-rocket pigs with a game with such as good humor as Wildstars. :)
    Jul 2, 2013
  2. SparkiiJaxx
    First time listening to the podcast, does he always call you Sparky at the start or am I special? xD
    Great cast, very entertaining. Time to listen to the other 26! :D
    Jul 2, 2013
  3. Genoshock
    i agree with your post below about gw2 but there is a difference between "all classes play the same so they feel the same" and "all classes can res so they are all the same no matter if they are tank or healer" ....

    also i seem to remember from 1 of the numerous videos on youtube (cant find it now, youtube is blocked here) that there is no ghost walk ... i seem to remember seeing only 2 options when u die: res here for money" and res at nearest holocrypt( not sure thats what they are called...) ....

    so that would mean that if your friend dies then he would have to run all the way back to you through the respawns .... however if u could res him then and there no matter your class>>>

    that would be awesome!!!

    Lore wise? well i would presume that the way they res is not magic but a defibrillator so all you need is a battery pack ... nothing lore breaking to be found here
    Jul 2, 2013
  4. Torguish
    ''the thing with gw2 was that you could res IN combat which may have mde all the classes feel similar .... though saying a templar plays the same way as a engineer ...''

    To that part specifically i reply this:

    I think mesmer & engineer are the only ''unique'' classes in GW2. They play differently that most classes, even tho the guardian comes awfully close to the mesmer with all them walls and bubbles, specially while wielding a staff. But the biggest things that made the classes feel the same was that everybody only dps'd. Some had a little more heal. The other things was, nothing, no skills set them apart. There wasn't anything UNIQUE for YOU to do as that specific class. Nothing that other people go ''aww man, i wish i'd rolled a Guardian so i could do/get that awesome -INSERT EPIC THING HERE-.''. Well... nothing other than balance issues anyways.

    I just felt like i was 1 guardian among others. No sense of uniqueness or individuality. I did the exact same things as a guardian as the Warrior or thief next to me with an occasional buff.

    But this was a whole other topic than ''everyone can res''.

    I know paths give you that ''exclusive'' content but what about professions. When i play a Spellslinger that blinks etc, maybe i want to blast a rocket type fire blast of my pistols, shooting me into the air and landing on a cliff, getting an achievement. Or walking on water/floating as an esper.

    Something to do as a class that no other class can do. Something outside of the core gameplay. That's what i'm after and THAT's what i want.
    Jul 2, 2013
  5. Torguish
    To the dude below me:

    But doesn't this kind of eliminate the ''feel'' of you being ''punished'' when you die?

    Example 1: I mean think of it like this. You and your friend, 2 warriors, go into an instance and want to do it just the 2 of your for the giggles and the challenge. One of you dies (because you are suppost to die in a 5-man content dungeon) and 1 runs behind some cover and back in. Now you don't have to wait, instead you just res him and get going from the same part, over and over again.

    Example 2: On OWPVP, 2 guys gank you but you 1 down. You, being alone, have to run to the corpse and res yourself while the other dude just resses and can regen up before you even get there, giving you a smaller chance of getting away and a bigger chance of getting seriously corpsecamped.

    Example 3: You go an ''infiltrate'' an enemy faction base/city/outpost. You die. He can just res you and instead of him, being more scared and aware of the surroundings while he waits for you. Making the game having less tension in situations like these. (Let's say your and your friends are stalkers in this case.)

    Example 4: What's the point of having a paid ''instant res'' when you have the Guild Wars 2 mechanic of where an ally just comes up and resses you, again, hindering the ''punishment'' aspect of death almost to zero.

    Example 5: Any kind of sitaution where your friend is like ''Just die and i can res you, it'll be easier that way.'' . (<- without a healer/resser class). This can be used to exploit in numerous situations like: Your a warrior and your friend is a stalker. Your friend pulls every single enemy and runs to the other side, dying and you sneak past, ressing him when out of combat (the mobs reset), and being at the other side. The WHOLE idea of you BOTH sneaking there is eliminated. This wouldn't work if you'd have a healer class with you too because the mobs would focus on the healer right after they are done with the warrior.

    I remember doing all sorts of cool things in WoW because i was afraid to die and none of my friends really played healer (until they did... :D) . Me, with my mage and my friend with his would infiltrate Nagrands horde base with invisibility, sneak into their prisons and kill the prisoners and guards. When 1 of us died, i ran away and snuck into a safe spot, scared, waiting for my friend. It was the best time of my life in an MMO. Death shouldn't be a thing that could be easily ''nullified''. All i see in this ''everyone can res'' is that the game is made literally easier in some cases. It isn't about ease-of-life anymore. Not to mention, i'm kind of surprised because they already have an extremely hardcore mindset on this game.

    I'd be okay if this ''everyone can res'' thing would be a raid-guild exclusive tho which would work only in raid instances. Getting back up faster is fine with me, specially when time tends to run out for some people, this would pretty much give people more chances and tries.. :) But at all time, everywhere with anyone is a bit ''blergh''. :/

    Ps. Your awesome for giving your opinion and i'm aware that mine are just those as well, opinions. Not facts. :)

    Pps. I don't think /reload existed in Vanilla but then again, i can be wrong..
    Jul 2, 2013