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  1. Genoshock
    how about /reload when ur ui bugs out?
    Jul 2, 2013
  2. Genoshock
    disagree with below... its really nice to be in a group of 2 warriors and if 1 of you dies then you dont have to wait for the dead guy to run back to his corpse. once ur out of combat u can jsut res.

    the thing with gw2 was that you could res IN combat which may have mde all the classes feel similar .... though saying a templar plays the same way as a engineer ...
    Jul 2, 2013
  3. Torguish
    I'm really in conflict with that ''all classes can res'' thing. I mean, it's kind of okay but i'm afraid that classes don't have that ''unique'' feel. I mean, my biggest gripe in Guild Wars 2 was that every single class felt the same which is exactly the opposite in WoW.

    1. Example (GW2): In guild wars, there is literally no reason for you to roll a warrior from a ranger or vice versa other than the ''lore'' or ''gameplay FEEL'' (<- notice, not style).) since warriors do just as much DPS with ranged weapons as rangers. Same thing with thieves. Nothing feels unique, nothing sets you apart and doesn't give you the feeling of ''i'm so glad i picked a ranger...''.

    2. Example (WoW): Mages have all these cool movement spells like floating, invisibility and blink AND NOT TO MENTION PORTALS!. Hunters have their pets and unique taming ''challenges''. These things make the professions feel unique, happy that you play a certain class. I rolled a mage and i had so much fun as a mage. Blinking inside summoning stones, floating off thunder buff, selling portals, sneaking with invisibility (when i got that ability in BC[?]) etc. And as a hunter i ran around taming rare beasts, camping their spawn spots for HOURS just to get that special kitty or kiting a hitting purple lava spider for 1½ hours to get it down to 20% so i could tame it. Also, giving my teammates running speed buffs etc. That kept me going and gave me a reason to play different classes. Also warlocks fire horse? Oh my i was drooling that. And that gave the world more life and choice. The weight of choice NEEDS to be there.

    I mean, when i'm a stalker or a warrior, i don't EXPECT to resurrect anyone even. If i want that in any way, i could just roll a class that can. It gives me a bigger reason to roll another class if i can't do that with every class, it makes me more happy to play the specific class like a healer that can resurrect. I mean, i want classes to be dependant from each other but VERY different with their own ''thing'' and exclusive content and some ''fun'' spells you can fool around with in a very unique kind of way (again WoW reference: Mage having blink/Float, priests levitate, paladins bubbles and shamans run on water) making you feel that you are in ''love'' (you know what i mean) with your class.

    Are you afraid of a problem like this or is it just me?
    Jul 2, 2013