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Max Loadouts 0.92

Action Set Loadouts

  1. Elidion
    This Addon lets you create multiple loadouts for your Limited Ability Bar. In Wildstar you only have 8 abilities at a time. While you get a few action sets (Specs) by max level (1st at level 20), sometimes you don't necessarily need to switch, or aren't high enough to have one. Fighting a tough single NPC, Load your single target DPS Loadout, Want a loadout with a little extra CC? AoE DPS? You can create a profile for those different situations.

    The loadout registers your Ability Bar, Tier Upgrades, Action Set and Stance you are in if you're a class with stances. Selecting the loadout will set all of those things.

    To use the addon you simply click the "ML" button on the right of your ability bar.
    When you first load, it will be empty, this MUST be open. Once the window is open click the + on the bottom right of the frame to create a new loadout, I suggest resetting your abilities and start from scratch. Now you just create your build like you would without the mod. Once you click 'Use Set', the mod will ask you to name it and then take that ability profile and store it as a Loadout along with the stance and spec you are currently in. To make a 2nd, 3rd, or 20th loadout, you just do the same thing. Pretty simple. Now that you have some loadouts, to use them you simply click on the loadout you want and your ability bar and associated upgrades, stance and spec will load.

    To Edit a loadout you must be in the loadout you wish to edit and then click the edit button, the abilities window will pop up and you make your changes as you see fit. Due to an error caused by the default UI (not the mod) sometimes it might not let you subtract a point if you want to move it elsewhere, if this happens, you just need to remove the ability and then add it again.

    Command line switches:

    /mlreset Resets the settings.