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Story Adventures For HIre

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by AdventuresForHire, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Jun 15, 2013
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    Hi, it's not much but I've been writing an ongoing collection of micro-stories about Wildstar. Not normally the sharing type but figured, why not? These are the first 3 chapters. Enjoy.

    Adventures For Hire

    This is the tale of three brave adventurers. The Human Nick Mulligan, heroic hero , charismatic leader, and spectacular Spellslinger. The Aurin Mitzy, with a temper as short as she, sneaky as an Arborian sneak mouse, and the deadliest Stalker this side of the galaxy. And the Granok Steve, the brave Warrior who doesn't afraid of anything, tough as a pile of rocks, not known for his wit.

    “You did what?” Nick Mulligan said heroically, his unsteady voice betraying the terror he was trying to hide.
    The enormous Granok hung his head. “I signed us up to travel to Nexus.”
    “And what in Everstar's name possessed you to do that, Steve?” Mitzy, the small Aurin, was as riled up as a Cassian jumping badger.
    Steve thought for awhile. “Well. Boss dun said we needed money. And them recruiters were lookin' for adventurin' types. That's us, right?”
    “Yes, I said we need money. Yes, business has been dry recently. Yes, we've had to cut your beer fund. But, we aren't adventurers. Well, technically we are, but...” Nick sighed heroically. “Mitzy care to remind Steve what exactly we do?”
    The Aurin darted forward, inches from the Granok and punctuated her words with stiff pokes. “Adventurers For Hire sells our work to clients who need help from three brave heroes. That's us. But we aren't heroes. Our job is to make sure the job, pest removal, protection, or exploring, gets done without any harm to ourselves. Do you understand Steve?”
    “We outsource to actual adventurers who work cheap.” Nick cried heroically, throwing his arms up in exasperation. “We can't do that on Nexus! You might die! Or worst, I might die!” “I've got to think.” “Let's go talk to the recruiters, maybe we can bribe them...” “If all else fails, I'll seduce them with my striking good looks!”
    “Or something.” said Mitzy, not convinced.
    “Or something.”

    “Ah, welcome back Steve, I see you've brought your crew with you this time.” the recruiter greeted the three when they entered the recruiting office.
    Nick Mulligan heroically pushed towards the front of the group, standing up straight. “I am the leader of Adventures For Hire. Nick Mulligan. You've probably heard of me.”
    “Um, sure! Are you ready to leave for Nexus, next shuttle leaves in a couple minutes.”
    “About that, you see there's been a misunderstanding. Our good friend Steve here isn't the brightest fella and didn't realize what he was signing up for. So could you be a lamb and take us off-?”
    “Hey, I knew what I was doing.” Steve interjected.
    Nick blushed heroically.
    “Yeah, but we weren't gonna tell her that.” Mitzy growled.
    The recruiter smiled. “ Are you sure? Steve told me all about his adventures around the galaxy as a soldier. That's exactly the kind of person we're looking for!”
    “The thing about Steve's stories is half of them are bunk. And the other half? Also bunk. They're all bunk.” Nick crossed his arms heroically.
    “That's too bad, because Nexus is a deadly place. Better hurry though, that shuttle is about to leave!”
    “Are you even listening, we aren't going!” Mitzy dashed towards the recruiter menacingly.
    The recruiter ignored her and smiled at Nick. “Are you sure? I thought a brave, and I do say, handsome hero like yourself wouldn't be able to resist an adventure like Nexus. But hey, not everyone wants vast riches and galactic renown.”
    “Did you say handsome?”


    “I can't believe we are going to Nexus” said Mitzy as she glared at Nick. “You are so gullible.”
    “Well after assessing the situation it was only rational that we do, of course!” Nick said heroically.
    “It's too small in here!” Steve, who had been quiet the whole trip, suddenly cried. “And dark. I want to go back.” The Granok was sitting on the floor of the shuttle, after crushing several seats during the trip.
    “Wouldn't it be nice if someone didn't sign us up. But it's too late now. We're going to have to work together if we want to survive.” Nick heroically tried to reassure Steve and calm Mitzy, who was eying her claws ominously.
    A stiff silence hung in the dark cabin (turns out the shuttle service wasn't aiming for comfort). But Mitzy enjoyed the dark, it was safe. She felt her anger turn to optimism. Nexus would be a real chance to test her skills. Unlike Steve, a lifelong soldier (despite his habit for exaggerating stories) and Nick, who avoided violence like a plague; Mitzy saw Nexus as a way to prove herself. She glanced out the tiny viewport next to her. Her ears perked up and she exclaimed “There it is!”
    “Bout time. My bum is sore.” Steve grunted. Nick shot him a glance, no doubt wondering how an ass literally made of rock could get sore. The small planet grew larger in the viewport, they were approaching rapidly. Specks materialized around the planet, and Mitzy's ears flattened when she recognized them.
    “Oh. Fantastic.” Nick heroically said. Static cracked over the shuttle intercom, then a speaker clearing their throat.
    “Ahem. Attention Exile scum. The Dominion has claimed Nexus. Any resistance on the planet surface will be met with overwhelming force. Resistance includes killing Dominion forces, building defensive structures, exploring, eating and breathing. Please prepare for your untimely demise. Thank you.”


    I have many more chapters written and planned, if there is interest I will be updating regularly at http://adventuresforhire.tumblr.com/ .

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