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Being a Guild Leader vs Follower

Discussion in 'Guilds, Circles and Warparties General' started by Carebear Commander, Jul 30, 2013.


What has been your role in a guild(s)?

  1. Leader

  2. Officer

  3. Member

  4. Guilds suck!

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  1. Cruxisinhibitor

    Cruxisinhibitor New Cupcake

    May 4, 2013
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    People are so fickle. Every time i've tried to start a guild in a new game, there are always issues. If you don't have the most popular Voice Chat as a mainstay, it's difficult to get people interested and keep them. My last guild attempt was in Guild Wars 2 because I waited so long for that game. I think I did pretty well, at one point I had a core of around 5-10 players that were on all the time. We did guild dungeon runs, took screenshots, and I ran a website...it was a lot of fun. With that being said, GW2 was an absolutely awful game to run a guild in. The ability to join multiple guilds was a really silly idea in my opinion and it seemed to facilitate a really homogenized atmosphere.

    If you weren't already a well-off guild, people had no reason to join you. You could barely get bounties together, you barely had enough people on at a given time, and no one wanted to commit to the guild beyond the time we used to run dungeons. Plus, they could just hop to a better, more well-off guild with no repercussions. Guilds felt very much like day clubs in Guild Wars 2. Unless you were established, good luck finding a user base to generate more interest or companionship.

    I really hate that about human nature. I have ideas for guild structure and purpose that are really interesting and would be a riot to execute with real people. No one wants to have a uniform concept for a guild where you show up in gear that is aesthetically similar to guild mates so you look like a legion. No one wants to do these large scale events, and there's really no unity or loyalty in most guilds i've been in. It'd be great to find a guild that actually functions like a guild. I'd like a guild that was run like a tight, well-oiled machine.

    If people were getting ganked in OWPvP, you could call in reinforcements..
    Everyone would have a guild uniform concept that they switched on when doing guild activities..
    Ranks actually functioned like ranks...
    Money is earned and doled out to the guild like a business..
    Incentive systems encouraged people to act in certain ways...

    I want so badly to have an amazing guild experience again where it actually felt like home where we pvp'd together, ran dungeons, hunted for achievements, compared builds, talked on vent, seethed with excitement over a well-coordinated spike...

    I wonder if i'll ever find that original MMO guild experience again.
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  2. Cananh

    Cananh Cupcake

    Feb 20, 2014
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    WS's guild system seems much better than GW2's to me. Players can join multiple circles but only one guild per character. Plus the breadth of content should make it for easier for guilds to grow since there's group content for the 5 to 40 range so even small guilds will have content to play through together.

    But I wouldn't bemoan human nature. People play MMOs for all sorts of reasons and that naturally flavours how they interact with guilds. Whether you're leading or not you just have to find a bunch of people with the same guild interests as you.
  3. Gardavil

    Gardavil Cupcake

    Nov 6, 2013
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    Michigan, US
    Been a Leader (not by choice), been an Officer and been a Member.

    I do best in Member role. I can dedicate myself to tasks I enjoy that few others do and I can excel. I am a mediocre Officer and a poor Leader in practice. Not every Brave is born to be a Chief.

    I know my role ;)
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