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Art (C) Help the WildStar Development Team!

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by MMOPapa, May 19, 2013.

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    May 14, 2013
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    I hear a lot of people on Twitter asking how they can help out with WildStar without having beta access. Well the answer is simple; help market the game. Majority of us have heard of the oldest marketing tool in the book, 'Word of Mouth'. Hell, you probably heard me mention it once or twice... For those of you who haven't? Stay tuned... you'll get the hang of it.
    Shut up imaginary foo', I'll tell you how! 'Word of Mouth' has evolved with the times... instead of people talking over a cup of tea and a Triscuit, we now socialize over networks like Twitter or Facebook; we see pictures and videos on other people's pages and we get curious. So lets say you use the artwork below to help spread the word by putting it on your Facebook page (as your Cover Photo) or your Twitter page (as your Header)... someone is going to see it and be like, "WildStar? Well what's that about?" They might not ask you, some people have too much pride; but I guarantee that if they get curious? They will Google it... and that is one more person who is aware of WildStar whether they become a fan or not.
    Don't like my artwork? Well screw you too, I don't like that hat you have on. Not wearing a hat? I don't care for your socks. You do not have to use my artwork if you don't want to, instead share DevSpeak videos, Uplink Analysis articles, game-play videos, screenshots, other people's artwork (...haters), or just plain talk about how excited you are about WildStar. As long as you mention the name... it will sink in to other people's heads. It works just like when someone starts talking good about a restaurant you've never been to and you just happen to come across it's location. If you're hungry? You will go inside (unless you're broke, then it's tough luck...).

    So that is what I suggest you to do if you want to help the WildStar Development Team. Yes, I realize some of us have already been doing that, I see you putting in the effort, keep up the great work! But to the rest of you? Don't assume that three-quarters of the fan-base is enough to spread the word, help us out... please?:notworthy:
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