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Poem (c) The Ravaging of Arboria

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Dualist, May 14, 2013.

  1. Dualist

    Dualist Cupcake-About-Town

    May 12, 2013
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    So in a nutshell, I had some free time and I began humming "The Night before Christmas" to myself, and decided to put it in a Wildstar context. I've attempted to tell the story of the Aurin's in a humorous poetic manner, though I may have failed. Anyway, I've never written a poem before, so please enjoy if possible!

    Twas the night before Solstice and all through the land
    The Aurins were joyous for spring was at hand
    The snow parted ways as the ground was laid bare
    As grass sprouted forth like greentufts of hair

    The flowers were blooming and birds sang their songs
    And kragens woke up after sleep winter long
    The people were gleeful and mindless with bliss
    Till one little Aurin cried "Something's amiss!"

    The clouds tore apart as the sky turned to ash
    And something fell down with a thunderous crash
    Metal and fire rained down from above
    But the Aurin set forth hearts still brimming with love

    Forward they ran through the thick vine and tree
    Till a clearing they reached to their shock did they see
    A glorious titan both wounded and low
    With Gambler's Ruin adorning its bow

    The Aurin looked forth to the queen for command
    Queen Myala cried out "Lend those <REDACTED>s a hand!"
    The fire was tamed and the damage contained
    So waited the Aurin for all that remained

    A door opened up and from the inside
    Came forth a creature thus unrecognized
    The creature possessed neither long ears nor tail
    It opened it's mouth and said "Our ship just failed!"

    The Aurin accepted them into their homes
    Patched up their wounded and patched up their clothes
    The humans departed as soon as they could
    Their ships filled with plenty of goodwill and food

    Not a week barely passed since the humans had gone
    The Aurin were peaceful all troubles had gone
    But the universe cruelly took said peace away
    For the Dominion decided to show up that day

    Said the Aurin "Those you seek are gone so just leave here!"
    The Dominion replied with a big Planet Reaper
    The Aurin fought back with courage and strength
    But in the face of their enemies all they got was death

    Arboria lay in a sea of flame
    The Aurin waited for their lives to be claimed
    But when all hope was lost and the end was in sight
    The clouds parted once more with a bright ray of light

    The Gambler's Ruin broke forth through the sky
    Behind in the Exiles and all of their might
    The humans burst forth with a thunderous cry
    "Damn you Dominion! Our friends will not die!"

    Both Human and Granok laid waste to their foes
    The Aurin retreated to ship's mighty holds
    Alas Queen Myala though hard as she tried
    Had no choice but leave some behind as she cried

    The Exiles escaped from Arboria that day
    The Dominion remained and conquered their prey
    Though the battle lost and Arboria taken
    Someday she will be reclaimed.
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  2. Inukeu

    Inukeu Well-Known Cupcake

    Mar 28, 2013
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    good work :up:
  3. Dyraele

    Dyraele "That" Cupcake

    Aug 23, 2011
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    Arizona, USA
    Nice story. I could see it unfold in my mind.

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