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Chaotic Good vs Lawful Evil

Discussion in 'WildStar Races' started by Sebrent, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Doomgrin

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    Apr 9, 2013
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    You would first have to define the role of the Eldan in the power of the Galaxy. If they are in fact the rightful rulers then that changes everything immensely!

    Cassian - Lawful Neutral - adhering to mandates from the Eldan
    Mechari - Lawful Neutral - adhering to programming and purpose by the Eldan
    Draken - Lawful evil - they follow a specific code, by live for conquest by their own right

    Exile Human - Neutral-to-Chaotic Good with the ends justifying the means in some cases, but your average refuge is not necessarily a freedom-fighter
    Granok - neutral good they are are very ordered structure, but the playable Granok's defied that law. However they formed militant mercenary groups showing a desire to maintain a sort of order
    Aurins - Neutral good/Neutral - Nature is both lawful and chaotic, and Aurins are children of that. Their philospohy of "all life is sacred" means that if they are true to form, they should also prevent the deaths of those most would consider evil.
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    <Admin Hat> Okay, I've now been alerted to this thread and have been cleaning up around here. Arguments remain the same, but let's not draw any more comparisons that lead us down Godwin's Path. Issues with this, then contact me directly </Admin Hat>
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    I think there's a lot of evil and good people. Other races are just humans with other bodies. Maybe not Mecharis - they follow Eldan's orders. ;)

    There's good and bad people in Dominion and Exile. Also neutral, there's a lot shades of gray! :)

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