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Class Homogenization in Raids

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by John, May 25, 2013.


Unique or Homogenized buffs and abilities?

  1. Unique

  2. Homogenized

  1. kur1

    kur1 Cupcake-About-Town

    May 7, 2013
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    Shiga, Japan
    Homogenization is nice to an extent- it allows you to recruit a player, not just a path/spec of a class.

    Having the ability to say "We need a Ranged DPS with a raid cooldown" is a lot better than, say, "We need a Ranged DPS who has the ability to debuff, do massive AOE, self-heal, teleport, and negate 1-shot mechanics with cooldowns".

    So, it's difficult to draw the line between "our classes are homogenized" and "our classes (and paths and specs and...) are unique". You can easily go too far either direction.

    WoW does still have class uniqueness at the higher levels of Heroic raiding- you'll recruit a specific spec because they have a raid-wide cooldown, immunities, 50% damage reduction abilities, teleportation capabilities, etc. But you'll rarely recruit anyone for 1-2 abilities that nobody else has. I feel that's a fair amount of uniqueness- you still feel you contribute something special, but the raid could easily recruit someone else with a little worse X but a stronger Y.
  2. Alverad

    Alverad Well-Known Cupcake

    Feb 25, 2013
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    London, UK
    Unique, by all means. The bigger the raids, the less of an issue 'uniqueness' is, as chances are, you'll have at least a couple of every class, potentially every spec. And since we're heading for 'big' with Wildstar, bring it on.

    Bring the player not the class was a noble concept, but, it made the game dull in my eyes. I prefer my shadowpriest from the the 'Walking Mana Pot' times, to the awesome dps times. I think a lot of people like to feel useful in ways other then everyone else. Don't know, but it added yet another level of satisfaction for me.

    And WoW, despite justifying their awkward design choices with the very idea, failed miserably to implement it properly to start with. Groups competing for X first, still brought classes/specs not players - the way fights are being desinged, still benefits stacking of certain currently OP classes/specs to munch through an encounter faster; if you didn't have a lock with DI, you didn't bother bringing your shadow priest and so on.

    Variety makes things fun, maybe more challanging from the logistics point of view, but then, I personally find that even more engaging.

    UNDERZZZZZ Cupcake-About-Town

    May 5, 2013
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    Yeah I'll echo what Alverad adds. Homogenization is easy for the balancing act. But that doesn't mean balancing via another means is impossible. Homogenization takes away from so much class flavour, and attractiveness that there is no value to specific classes. I think it is VERY important to retain this value, and constantly make tweaks to address balance issues that may arise. It's alot easier in W* with only 6 classes, and 12 'specs' to balance. With 40 man raids, I think it's safe put some unique elements to characters, granting them their specific value that people want to have in their groups

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