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Cory Loftis (now working for Disney) Great Quote About WildStar's Variety

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Arawulf, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Feb 21, 2013
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    I stumbled on this quote from former Lead concept artist Cory Loftis (aka Tabletmonkey).

    We know that a huge chunk of WildStar's look is thanks to his concept art. (If you've seen Wreck-it-Ralph you've seen his style as well).

    In an interview at Collider about the look of Wreck-it-Wralph, Cory shared about his video game background:

    He doesn't exactly specify that the game company was Carbine, but it would make sense that this is what he was talking about. If so, this says alot about the insane variety of things we'll see in WildStar. Who knows what we'll run into, but whatever it is - it's going to be awesome.
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