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Curious About Path Leveling Speed Balance?

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by ian emery, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. ian emery

    ian emery New Cupcake

    May 31, 2013
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    Assuming --from the nature of the 4 very distinct paths-- that some APPEAR to have a clear advantage in leveling speed.

    Settler - Stay in one place, build <REDACTED>, defend it, level FAST
    Soldier - Go kill, place X, --DONE! XP
    Scientist - Scan lots of stuff in wierd places...lots of travel, probably multiples needed, cavernous locations --SLOW PROCESS
    Explore - ALL THAT TRAVELING will take FOREVER!!! Going to the most remote of places, or multiple remote places for each challenge, complications via jumping terrain, etc...I'd think when game guides (for fast leveling) come out, this may be the slow, tedious path.

    ...just throwing out uneducated assumptions...anyone else concerned this may happen?
  2. Myrrdhinn

    Myrrdhinn Well-Known Cupcake

    Apr 12, 2013
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    If you pick the explorer, than you probably love exploring, finding stuff, going to places so you are focusing on the world rather than the xp bar. If you want to level really fast, than you'll probably miss a lot of stuff in the world. The paths about play styles. If you enjoy something than you'll focus on that. And lastly, they can easily balance the amount of path xp gain / activity.

    So no I don't have any concerns about the leveling speed. Also.. there will be a ton of exciting content. I don't want to rush to the end and miss half of the game.
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  3. BlindSear

    BlindSear Super Cupcake

    Mar 18, 2013
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    Naah, if you stay in one place as a settler you're going to be doing it the slow way actually. You need others to use the infrastructure you've made, so building is part of it, but building in useful places nets you the best gain. Also, larger buildings net you more path XP, and they require multiple settlers to build/upkeep. (You can't do the work of 40 people, you just can't.) And again the path XP is really linked to other players using it. So, let's say you build the large building that should take 40 people to build all by yourself, you then have 5 minutes before it's destroyed, so you better have a huge influx of resources coming in to keep the building up. While this is possible for 40 settlers to do, one cannot.

    Also, Soldiers have to travel around to kill things, they've got "assassination" missions. So, not only do they have to do that, but potentially escort quests, and defend X node, which the waves come at time intervals. It could get to the point where you're actually dying due to the mobs you're fighting, so that is a huge time sink.

    Secondly, the xp gained from paths is "Path XP" I believe. I know in all the gameplay footage they've shown it say "+Path XP" when they complete a path objective. So... Even if one levels faster than the other... who cares? If you don't enjoy the game play you're not going to care that it takes you 10% less time to level it, cause you're simply not going to do it.
  4. Apostate

    Apostate Well-Known Cupcake

    May 20, 2013
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    Echoing this, as a potential future Explorer, I can honestly say that I tend to "waste" a lot of time hunting high and low through all a zone's nooks and crannies. Even without being incentivized to do so, it's just... what I do. I was considering Scientist for a bit, but I've come to realize that it was only because I want to SEE ALL THE THINGS... in other words: explore. Something to save for an alt. I first began playing MMOs because of their huge, open worlds and it's what keeps me playing long after everything else loses its luster.

    So, even if Explorer -is- the slowest path... I don't know that I really care.

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