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Story Dawn Rising: Silas Shorts

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Silas, May 21, 2013.

  1. Silas

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    Apr 28, 2013
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    Here is where I'll likely be stuffing away some of my shorts for Silas, Tam, and some of that backstory.

    It could all eventually be worth nothing more than a grain of salt, but! They're fun to write, either way. I also have a character tumblr for her, silassedgewick.tumblr.com, unedited for language. Here, however, I'll try to retweak.

    Enjoy, don't get blinded--and if you do, I'm very sorry for it.
  2. Silas

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    Apr 28, 2013
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    I. Fall​

    She wanted to be weightless.

    With the cool encroaching embrace of water as she stared up into the neverending expanse of night, she could dare to think that maybe it was possible.

    Possible to become formless.

    As she sank, meaning to give in to the thought of becoming nothing, something sharp gripped onto her--tearing through the flesh at her shoulder. A gasp parted lips, feet grounding her again as Silas lurched forward with a cringed oath.

    A hand squeezed over the bandaged area, teeth digging into her lower lip as she waited for the complaint to fade away once more. Eventually, a ragged breath pushed through her, frustration evident as she lashed out in a grand spray of water.

    "You're the one that left--!" she snapped bitterly, hues lifting back to the stars.

    "You're the one who left me behind!"

    She didn't care about the pain anymore, beating away at the water in a fury of blows until she was hoarse and breathless, her palms stinging.

    Silas drew herself back to the shore, sitting heavily on the rocks and sand before easing stiffly to lay at her back.

    What she would give to be formless and lost...

    But the weight of the pain kept her anchored.

    There was still too much to do, wasn't there?
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    Apr 28, 2013
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    II. Island​

    Along a dark sea there came high rises of crumbling masses, boulders falling away to sink down and below, unfurling a new tawnying hue.

    Where once a single continent had reigned, slowly it sank and fell apart, separating from itself into an archipelago. It was in the spaces between the islands that Silas felt her gaze settle, heavy lids sinking to halfmast as she regarded the spectacle.

    At a certain point, the destruction slowed, the descent nearly placed on hold so that all to remain were just two of the smaller masses.

    “—as. Hey! You listening? … Damn. You want some coffee with that creamer?”

    “Shut up,” she quipped cleanly, gaze shutting itself away briefly to pull her back to the present. “Your instant coffee tastes like trash, I need all the cream and sugar I can scrounge up just to make it pass as cardboard.”

    “Yeah, yeah. We get what we can. And that cardboard keeps us up and going enough to make sure our rears don’t get spotted. Drink up, princess, you ready?”

    A cant of the woman’s face cast a half-glare back, middle digit extended placidly.

    “I’m always ready. I call guns, you jerk.”
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    Apr 28, 2013
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    III. Mantle of the Stars, I​

    “You feel it, right? That’s why we named her what we did. We call her Nyx. And the stars that surround us are the endless folds of her mantle.”

    Silas did stare out into the twinkling darkness, a fine knit settling between her brows.

    “You can get lost there,” she murmured after a moment, her peripheral marking the musing nod from Tam.

    “The good kind of lost! … So, you in?”

    A hand extended itself from where it had been keeping hold of the midnight shawl around her shoulders, uncurling in a fine splay against the glass that separated them in the shelter of the arkship from the dark. She let the chill creep through her palm--drink it in.

    Eventually, she turned, crooking a half-smile up at the pilot.

    "I'm in."

    IV. Mantle of the Stars, II​

    "You know, wearing a scarf like that, you're liable to get it hung in a scrap and do their work for them chokin', Silas."

    A brow rose sharply in reply, gaze following soon thereafter as she blew a breath, unruly hair wavering in the attempt to be freed so that she could see him better.

    "Are you seriously going to razz me about this everytime you catch me wearing it, Tam?" She leaned back in her seat, legs stretching along with her back, the pistol she had been cleaning left in its exposed state on the table.

    The flash of a crooked smile, and the immediate weight of a hand pressed down at her crown, ruffling curls further. She gave an agitated grunt, swiping a loose punch at the man's forearm as he sidestepped around her and sat in turn.

    "I do it purely out of the deep, resounding concern I hold for you in my heart of hearts," he swore, palm settling over the center of his chest.

    "The heck you do. Stop makin' googly eyes at me-- you're not getting it."
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    Apr 28, 2013
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    V. The Day Without Coffee​

    It was a dark day for the crew of the Nyx's Mantle--moreso than usual, given she was a ship adrift in the depths of space.

    And given that, it was dark, indeed.

    The dark had been pleasant enough, at least to Tam. It meant he had the luxury of sleeping in, and such had been his full intent. This intent did not include being shaken awake sharply into the world of the conscious, which unfortunately, soon found his assaulter met with a pistol aimed and pressed against a pudgy nose.

    "Woah, woah! Tam--stars, but that down! We need you! We're in serious shi--"

    "Bolse?" A groggy reply, the formerly slumbering man pushing up to his elbows and dragging a hand heavily over his face. "The heck--what's going on?"

    "It--it's Silas, Tam! She--"

    That got his attention. Sitting upright, he swung his feet over the edge of the cot and pushed up to his feet. "She all right? Was there a party raid? Where is she?"

    "She's fine! We think--it's the crew we're worried about! Tam--we're out of... We'reoutofcoffee!"

    The rounded engineer was met with at first the blank stare of incomprehension, at times tugged into something near disbelief. Normally, Bolse knew this was a trivial matter. Coffee was hard to come by, folks ran out all the time. But this--ah yes. There it was. The same twinge of horror at last crept up over Tam's expression.

    "Oh, fu...."

    Shots rang out throughout the ship, the torrent of a spell loosed with the rounds causing the ship to shudder. several surprised yelps, oaths, possibly a call for one's mother rang out throughout the metal halls. Tam, for his part, had grabbed hold of Bolse's balding head for support.

    The engineer shoved him off, making shooing motions. "See what we've been dealing with?! She's going to tear the damn ship apart! DO something! She's gotta listen to you!"

    "Just what'm I supposed to d--ow!" Without warning, Companion Droid Luther had beamed into the side of his skull, whizzing about in torqued disorientation as it regained its projection. Spindly extending arms popped out of its sides, gesticulating wildly at him. Scrubbing at the building lump from the impact, Tam scowled. "I know all that, Loo!"

    Waving away the droid, Tam shrugged on his coat and half-jogged toward Silas' emptied room. Snapping the light on, he let out a low whistle at the aftermath of destruction that had befallen the woman's quarters. Luther whizzled behind him in a series of worried beats, refusing to enter.

    She'd already torn the place apart looking for a hidden stash, but--surely, somewhere.

    It was only when he had crawled all the way under the disheveled cot, pushed aside several boxes of clothes, found a bobby pin, Silas' old and long lost toothbrush, and a--

    "Oh hey. Been lookin' for that," he mused, pocketing a vintage looking lighter.

    And there it was. Like the last shining beacon of hope, a packet of instant coffee had lain beneath it.

    It was a bittersweet victory, his triumphant reveal of the (hopefully not too expired) instant coffee only lived long enough to have a mug shoved in his face, the packet dumped therein, and nearly bodily hauled to the makeshift mess hall which had a dismantled light flickering ominously before the gaping maw of darkness that awaited inside.

    The beast's current lair.

    Tam looked back hesitantly over his shoulder to Bolse--and the entirety of the crew that had somehow gathered behind him, looking on with wide-eyed hope.

    "To those who are about to die, we salute you," Gaff, the captain, snapped a salute, the rest following suit.

    Right, he thought, though his gulp seemed echoed by Companion Droid Luther's shivering gears as he stepped into the dark.

    He kept the mug held out stiffly in front of him, squinting at contrasted lack of lighting in hopes of somehow adjusting to it more swiftly. Better that the coffee found her first, than him at this point.

    "... Silas...?" he asked, voice low--testing. He was met with a low growl somewhere to the left. Swerving the cup that way, he wafted a hand over the steaming brew toward her. Maybe she'd get a whiff?

    "See? Heeeere we go. All nice and hot and ready to not kill anyone, right?" he coaxed further, finally able to make out the shorter outline drawing closer.

    Sometime later, Tam re-emerged from the void, looking pale and shaken. The crew gawked, unsure of the state of their comrade.

    Slowly, he lifted a fist in muted victory.

    Celebratory relief came in a wave then, cheers sounding as some clasped onto one another. Bolse clapped a hand down upon his shoulder, calling him a hero.

    They would live another day.

    As he walked away, Tam looked back where he knew Silas lurked, tending to her coffee.

    The things one did for love.
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