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Doing a Weekly wildstar video, looking for others

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Wayne Roberts, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Wayne Roberts

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Okay so I wasn't exactly sure what to name this thread, but I'll explain a little more here.

    So I've started doing a weekly wildstar video and its pretty much a series thats going to be hitting on just the highlights of whats new. Now I know that there are some people out there doing some really in depth videos on content and what I would like to do is to team up and do things like share information and link to eachothers channels and such. Pretty much help eachother out. There are some people out there that really like to soak up all the information they can get and so when I talk about highlights I would like to link to someone else's channel where they go more in depth about the subject. I'll link my video here so you can get a better idea of what I'm doing. I'm looking for people doing youtube videos, podcasts, and other informative stuff, where we can help promote eachother. hit me up if you are interested so I can take a look at your stuff.
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