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Dps, Heals, Tank

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by mr. bob, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Ico

    Ico Moderator • WSC's Gentle Flower

    Mar 27, 2013
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    Respeccing and building will be a massive part of this game, that's why they use LAS - so you have to make those hard choices.

    The one thing that you currently can't respec and a genuinely hope they never allow you to do, is respec your Path. I think a path should form the players personal connection with their character and allowing people to complete it and then re-roll a new path just to get the completion cheapens the effect. My opinion on it anyway.
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  2. Mat'hir Uth Gan

    Mat'hir Uth Gan Cupcake-About-Town

    Mar 22, 2013
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    Our definition of Hardcore Raiding must be different. I've known a few, even done it myself before. You have a set guild list, recruitment is closed for specific classes and roles. You have a job and slot on the raid, and that's what you do. The guild gets you gear so that you are more efficient in that slot. It's a challenge and every minor increase to heals, DPS, or armor class matters immensely for progression, especially if it's a race for content.

    You're not going to be switching to heals in a hardcore raiding guild without the gear to make you efficient. And we KNOW for sure in this game that end game raids will be hard and you will have to gear up to even have a shot at them. I'm fairly certain we can assume they progress in difficulty as they go on as well. Meaning, each new boss should be a DPS and gear check.

    So, in my opinion, and I feel I'm absolutely right on this, any raiding guild will not have people re-speccing because it's not efficient. They'll have to gear up the player for both roles, which will mean taking gear away from other players that only do one role, which will create conflict. I understand that over a period of time, guilds will be in position to farm gear for secondary specs, but that's probably a long ways off, depending on the raid timers and drop amount. We'll see.

    This gives me some hope about the game. I'm not happy about respecs while leveling up. And gear won't be such a burden to have multiple sets while leveling. But hopefully at level cap, gear will be extremely hard to find. And class role will become more static because you simply can't do your job effectively if you're not geared up enough.

    The only situation I want to avoid, and would be game-breaking for me, would be if I spent 50 levels gearing up as a tank, learning the tricks of the trade, etc.... And to run a level 50 dungeon, some random person that never played a tank and has no tanking gear, can simply re-spec into a tanking role and do the job well enough to clear the dungeon. At that point, I quit because the game would be a joke. This happened with Rift. And if that's the case, I bet my life this game goes in the pile of 3 month failures with the rest of the recent releases. It will make money and have a core playerbase, but it won't approach the levels of success we all hoped for.
  3. Agon

    Agon Cupcake

    Apr 5, 2013
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    Some bosses simply require more DPS than others and since hardly anybody will be able to have 2 chars at max level by the time raiding starts, especially since after reaching max level theres always stuff like gearing up in dungeons to do, you wont have any other choice than respec any healer you dont need for a fight and bring him as dps. Since the first bosses have to be doable in dungeongear i dont see any problem with gear at all. And feeling has nothing to do with a topic like this. By the time your point about people not respeccing holds any value, you will have cleared some bosses multiple times over and since i have not seen an MMO where only stuff that someone needs for his mainspec drops until theres no one left that needs anything, i doubt that it will take a long time until a healer can take items for his offspec. Any good guild will simply make sure that the same person gets equipped first and not every healer gets 1 item.

    Most good guilds have hardly any members besides those that raid since those people actually want to raid and beat content and not sit around saying hey look my guild is so good while sitting on the bench waiting to actually raid. Thats at least how every guild i ever was in or knew from friends handled it.

    I really think a game that you describe would not be successful also i can see some benefits to it. But i rather have a successful game with a big playerbase instead of an old fashioned EQ-esque game. If you would release EQ today it would be a total flop outside of the asian market imho.

    I'm not trying to sound offensive towards you btw, english just isn't my native language so there might be a better way to get my point across that i can't think of.
  4. lusciifi

    lusciifi Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 4, 2013
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    I have to disagree with you here. The people that cleared the experts either had dps RAID gear or they had an over geared healer/dps backing them up. Beyond just removing gear progression, there is no way to make starter 5mans so hard that people with a tank spec but little tank gear will not be able to them. In every game ive played, by the time dps have full dungeon or raid gear they generally have more hp then tanks just hitting cap. The only thing lacking defensively at that point is there spec, which is easily changed.

    There's a simple reason why i want dual spec in games. Rift got me to try something other then dps for the first time. I roled a mage with the idea of playing just dps like a did for years in eq2. Having the freedom to try out another spec without worrying about re-specs got me into my new favorite roll. Since rift i play a healer in every game i can.

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