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Esper abilities.

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Anaxxon, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Anaxxon

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    Jul 24, 2013
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    I will attempt to describe the various Esper abilities I have seen.
    These are assumptions based on videos. I have no actual knowledge of the abilities.

    Visual: Shooting Swords
    Affect: Long range Linear AoE.
    Channel length: Very Short
    CD: Spam able

    Visual: Three slashing swords
    Affect: Short range AoE sustained damage. Can be used while moving.
    Channel length: Short
    CD: None?

    Visual: Charging Hawk/Eagle
    Affect: Long range Linear AoE Knockback
    Channel length: Very Short
    CD: Can be used often

    Visual: Giant Hand
    Affect: Long range Circular AoE Stun.
    Channel length: None?
    CD: Can be used often, but has a long enough CD to where it should be saved for the right moment in a fight.

    Visual: Giant spinning blade that charges up before firing.
    Affect: Long range Linear Nuke
    Channel length: None
    Charge length: Very long
    CD: Medium. Up to two can be used at once.

    Visual: Skulls appear when target dies.
    Affect: AoE sustained damage?
    Channel length: None?
    CD: ???

    Visual: Throw lots of small weapons in succession at an enemy.
    Affect: Strong DoT.
    Number of targets: ???
    Targeted: ???
    Conditions for use: ???

    Visual: Golden Armor
    Affect: Grants self or ally the ability to dodge a set number of targeted attacks.
    Channel length: None
    CD: Short?

    Visual: Flying antelope with rainbows.
    Affect: Long range dash that heals all allies in path.
    Channel length: none
    CD: ???
    Conditions for use: ???

    Visual: Turn gold and wave a flag
    Affect: AoE heal
    Channel length: Long
    CD: ???

    Visual: Spiders
    Affect: Spawns multiple friendly spiders that attack targeted enemies. Can draw Aggro.
    Channel length: ???
    CD: Somewhat short.

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