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Recruiting [EU Hazak] Scandinavian Wildstar guild - Lokes List 5/6 GA- LFM for PvE raiding

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Bellante, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Bellante

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    Lokes List
    [EU]Dominion - Hazak PvP Server

    Guild Website: lokeslist.dk
    Focus: PvE (with PvP'ers in the guild as well)
    Current progress: 5/6 in Genetic Archives
    Faction: Dominion. 'Cause aurins must be tortured.
    Server: Hazak PvP
    Style: Semi-Hardcore (2-3 days a week, Monday+Thursday1930-2330, 1 additional raid a month)
    Focus: PvE (Raiding)
    Region: Europe (with roots in Denmark)
    Guild Language: Scandinavian (English spoken to the degree necessary for raiding and grouping)
    Timezone: 19:30-23:30 UTC+1 (Danish time)
    VoIP program: TS3
    Youtube channel with boss videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/LokesList/videos
    Special offerings: Tabard

    Current Recruitment Status
    Recruitment is open for all roles, as we're currently close to having Ohmna down, and launching a second GA-team, eventually rolling into Datascape!

    Recruitment requirements
    We require all players in LL to be able to play, gear and rune for both roles that their class is capable of, and accept that they might have to play support roles for the sake of being able to run 2x20/40 man raids. Learn to heal and tank, y'all.

    To join Lokes List as a raider, ideally you're already attuned and may even have set foot inside GA, alternatively having 3/4 silver dungeons down is a huge advantage when joining. Can you join with less? Yes, but we expect you to be at a skill level where we won't be carrying you, so don't apply if you haven't yet learned that red is bad, and interrupt rotations are awesome.

    But you're Scandinavian, WTF? Why is this post in English?
    The original language in Lokes List is Danish, but you’re still more than welcome to apply and join if you’re not Danish, as we've recently expanded to include all Scandinavian countries. We also have members outside of Scandinavia, and we make sure to speak English as necessary during raids. We currently have a Dutch raider on our team who performs very well, despite just hearing mumbo-jumbo on TS most of the time, and he still seems to be having fun.

    Who Are We?
    Lokes List initially started up when World of Warcraft was first released back in 2004, and officially ran in WoW until the winter of 2008, as a purely Danish guild. The original guild master Lumen stopped playing around January 2008 and the guild was for a brief periode continued with Oboke as Guild Master. Fractions of the old Lokes List have since then continued to play under various other guild names in WoW, under the leadership of Oboke, Bellante, Elaijts and Quznam.

    After WoW we have been gathered up under the Lokes List banner a couple of times, some times more officially than others in numerous games. Most serious was our go at Star Wars : The Old Republic, that in spite of its cool universe, story and feel failed to produce an endgame rich enough in content to keep up activities.

    In December 2012 Lumen stumbled upon Wildstar, which sparked his interest due to Carbine consisting of people who had previously worked on a range of classic MMO titles, giving Lokes List high hopes for the quality and difficulty of Wildstar.

    The plan (not including Cylons)
    Our plans for Wildstar are pretty straight forward: We will be raiding 40-man content. At the time of writing this, we're 5/6 bosses down in Genetic Archives, and warming up to have a second 20 man team running, filling up the last spots. This still requires some recruitment of skilled players to fill out the missing gaps.

    Additionally, quite a lot of our players are active PvP'ers, and we expect to have a warplot at some point in time. However our main focus is PvE progression as a guild, and we expect our members to share this wish and prioritize accordingly.

    What is it like to play in Lokes List?
    We will continue to run things like we’ve almost always done in Lokes List, since the model has proven solid during the past 10 years. In short it goes something along these lines:
    • The main focus is PvE progression.
    • There is no DKP system, so loot is passed out according to individual activity level and performance, along with speculations on how equipping the raid will enable us to progress furthest in the shortest amount of time. This also makes it more interesting for new players to join our ranks, since you’re never hopelessly behind in DKP when starting out.
    • We raid 2 times a week of 4 hours each stretching from 19:30-23:30 UTC+1 (Danish time), with appr. 1 bonus raid a month = 1 reset with 3 raids. Since WoW we’ve raided around 2-3 times a week, which makes it possible to explore other things within the game and most importantly makes it possible to do stuff outside of the game as well. To give an example, with this kind of schedule, the WoW Cataclysm incarnation of Lokes List, called Listen, managed to down all heroic bosses prenerf, which we believe is quite an achievement (including Sinestra and Ragnaros). We also downed all of Sunwell Plateau pre-final-nerf in this way (M'uru being the crowning achievement).
    • Because of the limited amount of days per week reserved to raid progression we do have very high standards that we ask our members to live by. These all rely on the simple rule of respecting the other members in the guild and this is first and foremost achieved by showing up and being on time for raids, and respecting "the point of no return": 24 hours before a raid, if you're on the team, you don't sign off for anything short of family member crisis, shooting someone's pet, or losing an arm (obviously, you can still play if you've lost a leg [​IMG]).
    • We expect our members to be mature and not incite drama or other kinds of static that uses up guild resources for solving or create a bad atmosphere. We expect our members to be constructive and honest towards each other, and capable of giving and taking constructive criticism.
    • We expect our members to be capable of finding information and optimizing things themselves and not rely on babysitting by the guild. We do entice dialogue and development within the guild, actually we love it, but by the end of the day, members themselves are asked at a minimum to carry their own weight.
    • Other things we expect are simple things like knowing you class, having the best gear you personally can provide for yourself, bringing the amount of consumables necessary to perform, knowing the tactics for the encounters ahead if available etc. We play this game to have fun, but the time we spend on it is still very serious.
    Formal requirements:
    • Be active on the guild forum. We cannot stress this enough, it's the key to making a large roster function
    • When we're raiding, we're raiding. Turn off the music, turn off the tv, and slap that significant other into submission
    • Mature (and 18+) (the average member age is 24-25ish, with many members pushing pension age (30+)
    • Be on time for raids and be prepared. Should you be late for whatever reason, let officers know by forum or text message
    • Have a working microphone and TS3 installed
    • You HAVE to be using 2-step authentication to raid with Lokes List. We don't want to hand you that super-awesome upgrade, and then you rage-quit the next day because some douche stole your pocket money
    • An option for having a more casual status within the guild is available, reserved for members who do not seek to help with the PvE progression but still want to be part of the Lokes List family. These casuals are expected to live by the same ethical standard as raiders, see above.

    Officers and contacts regarding Wildstar are currently:
    Lumen (Main character played: Lumen)
    Bellante (Main character played: Bellante)
    Elaijts (Main character played: Famemonster)

    You are more than welcome to contact us in-game if you have any questions, otherwise feel free to drop us an application here: http://www.lokeslist.dk/forum/viewforum.php?f=31
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    Roster building up to way past 40, keep them coming!
  5. Bellante

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    New video, this time of Deadringer Shallaos, first boss of vet Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden:
  6. Bellante

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    And Deadringer Shallaos again, now with DPS PoV from yours truly!

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    Roster moving past 60 potential raiders, our plan is to supplement our roster of old members with enough new ones, in order to secure a fully-functional, skilled and ready-to-play 40 man roster. Keep 'em coming!
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    Check out our all-new and awesome website of awesomeness!


    Come join the fun :)
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    Last beta weekend! Warm up with a bit of veteran stormtalon's lair:

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    A couple of videos more of a veteran boss kill, this time one of the easy ones, Thunderfoot from Skullcano heroic (2nd boss).

    Stalker DPS PoV:

    Warrior tank PoV:

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    Hazak became the server choice by default, only PvP realm that's English.
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    Lokes List is fully active on Hazak, currently 3/6 bosses down in Genetic Archives. Take a look at our youtube channel for some sweet boss kill videoes, and come join the fun by applying to the guild.
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    5/6 in GA!

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