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NA [Exile] Stormtalon Shenanigans Recruiting Raiders! PST Raiding on a Limited Schedule

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Kaylissa, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Kaylissa

    Kaylissa Guest

    About Shenanigans:
    Shenanigans is a semi-hardcore Exile raiding guild on the Avatus server. We are a group of dedicated raiders who like to push current content with likeminded players, on a limited raiding schedule. We have a great community, solid core, and know how to have fun while still making progress. Our core has many years of MMO experience, including server first guilds in WOW, SWTOR etc. We currently have several attuned players and are aggressively recruiting for our first 20 man group, as well as a planned 2nd 20 man and eventually 40 man raid.

    Schedule: (May Still Change)
    Thursday 7-10 PST
    Friday 7-10 PST
    Sunday 7-10 PST

    Currently Recruiting:
    Even if your class and/or role isn’t listed we encourage you to apply. We are always accepting exceptionally skilled players! Currently there is a high need for DPS classes to fill out our first raid group; however, there will be opportunities for people to switch to healing/tanking as we start building the second raid group.

    Off-Tank (prefer Engineer or Warrior)

    Not currently recruiting main spec healers for Group 1

    DPS: (Geared offspec a BIG plus)
    • Warrior
    • Stalker
    • Esper
    • Engineer
    • Spellslinger
    What we expect in a raider:
    Gear properly runed and appropriate for class and role
    Know your class inside and out, including both roles
    Drama free, intelligent, mature and active players that are eager to down new content
    Prepared and on time to raids
    Fights researched and understood ahead of time
    Willingness to learn, make adjustments, and be flexible in the raid group

    What to Expect in Shenagans:
    A laid back guild with dedicated raiders.
    Fun times and lots of shenanigans!
    A close-knit community: we prefer to keep our roster small, and as a result if you earn a raid spot you’ll see a good amount of raid time. We do not recruit for a deep bench; however, we do swap people in and out for fights and will ask people to swap roles depending on the requirements needed.
    Knowledgeable players willing to help with attunement, specs, gear and anything else you might need
    Guild repairs for all raiders once we reach GA

    How to Apply:

    Apply at www.shenanigansws.enjin.com or if you have any questions speak with Kaylissa, Azorr, Wally, Tanker or Craki in game

    While our current focus is on recruiting raiders and entering GA, we have always fostered a strong no raiding community and welcome players of this variety as well!

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