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Experience Bars and You

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by snappyllama, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. SiegaPlays

    SiegaPlays "That" Cupcake

    Sep 14, 2011
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    I agree, that the farming we have seen so far is at the risk of having a bear in your face speaks visually to the concept of farming mats being an integrated part of adventuring. Crafting could still be on its own alternate advancement line, but it would then depend on adventuring or trading, if one has a crafter only toon.

    Edit: I would like to see a game where transport (getting from a to b) is a seperate advancement too, with delivery/get there/racing against npcs/players objectives for "xp"ing the skill, and it could work for walk, run, ride, drive, fly, swim, diving, submarine, spaceflight as different "abilities" in the transport role.
    Like adding a flexible interesting race game inside the MMORPG/SciFi genre.
  2. Chrilin

    Chrilin Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 6, 2012
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    I have no problems with alternative methods for leveling. Especially with the paths they are introducing in the game it actually sounds like it would fit nicely.

    I suppose a proficiency aspect could be added to the game to counter people getting to max lvl without fighting. Remember when you had to skill up your weapon in WoW? You could do something like that but, have a more in depth system involved.

    I'm with black Wolf though, WS seems like it's going to have a more traditional (hopefully more involved than most) crafting system.
  3. Jason Sweeney

    Jason Sweeney New Cupcake

    Sep 5, 2012
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    North of Canada
    1) I like non-quest driven leveling. I think that questing could give alternate or multiple rewards:
    a. Reputation gains (which could lead to faction specific quests or gear)
    b. Gear or credit rewards (which leads to repeatability based on scaled difficulty)
    c. Knowledge! completing a quest could give you lore, a key code randomly generated for your toon,
    access to other areas or phased content.

    2) I believe everything you do should give you some kind of reward...
    a. Gathering should increase the quality or amount of whatever is gathered (slowly)
    b. Crafting should give you better crafting skill
    c. Exploration should be something you can do free form,with all your found locations and items going
    into an explorer's log or world encyclopedia... you could then sell the information to merchants for
    XP, gear, or new leads.

    3) I think that you limit yourself by saying questing can be avoided. The content and storyline is written into most quest chains, so sooner or later you should have to do at least the main quest lines.

    4) This is the BIG issue, what constitutes experience.

    Option 1 LEVEL is GOD - Everything feeds the same XP Pool, everything unlocks everything based on
    character level.... WOW model... boring.

    Option 2 You are what you do.. SMALL number of actual 'character' levels. Instead, if you swing a
    sword a lot, you get bonuses to swing a sword. If you garden, you get better at planting and harvesting.
    If you cast mostly attack or mostly healing magic, that should be the path to higher levels or more
    powerful magic of that kind. Quests tied to an ability like that could boost your progress, but these levels
    would be very incremental. Also, higher order abilities might require certain levels in multiple tasks, or
    high crafting means you get more benefit from wearing gear of the type crafted. Attack magic and
    blade skill might power up a bigger AoE attack with a weapon... etc. This means that you can have a
    narrow character to do a task, or a broad character with many benefits.

    Option 3 Everything counts in small aboutns - Hybrid - SMALL number of actual 'character' levels
    remains, and everything you do gives you some 'growth' points in one of 3 or 4 main categories
    (i.e. Combat, Magic, Industry (crafting), and Exploration). You then spend these points to level up different skills, but at a premium or tax based on what you are buying with...

    Combat XP Buys : Combat (100%)l, Magic (150%) Exploration and Industry (125%)
    Magic XP Buys: Combat (150%), Magic (100%), Industry and Exploration (125%)
    Exploration XP Buys: Combat (125%), Magic (125%), Exploration (100%), Industry (150%)
    Industry XP Buys: Combat (125%), Magic (125%), Exploration (150%), Industry (100%)

    5) I've seen Elder scrolls implement the what you do is what you are. I've seen EVE turn time into targeted training with premiums on what you already know. Final Fantasy Tactics used a system not unlike the hybrid one, where you get XP and spend it on jobs.

    6) Time to endgame... Who cares? if you want to rush endgame, I think you've missed the point of WildStar. They want this, from what I've seen to be an immersive experience.
  4. SiegaPlays

    SiegaPlays "That" Cupcake

    Sep 14, 2011
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    I do like the skill based option, where any road to play is an alternate advancement in some area.

    I do think there need to be a total sort of progress to determine when to add or enchance abilities.
    Naturally that could be applied to skill levels of appropriate skills, so x skill in 2 hand sword unlocks cleave at some point etc.

    Then there would need to be a total skill cap for each of the broader areas, like crafting/harvesting/defense/healing/damage, so it is not possible to max out everything.

    However this could be done by either decaying skills over time, the higher the skill, the higher the decay, which again would make some people feel it is too much of a grindy job - or putting in a feature to lower priority for one skill so it is possible to gain in another, when total cap is reached, Vanguard actually do this with their crafting.

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