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LFM/LFG addons (not match systems)

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by SiegaPlays, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. SiegaPlays

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    I am curious as to the pro and cons of having a group finding tool for premades and open world content like the two addons for WoW and Rift "recently" employed.

    The one for WoW is OQueue that I believe started out to make premade PvP (and totally loopsided pug pvp, since solo joined groups don't stand a chance against a premade organized group), but added open world content like world boss fights (which is the part I am interested in) and premade raid gathering (here I use www.openraid.us instead, since I like to schedule instance raiding, so Ican warn my hubby about being too busy for him at that time).

    There is some controverse on this addon af with everything that makes it easier and more efficient to find groups and about addons that has a certain degree of communication between users - for instance when it is on it updates your battletag status msg with "OQ", which some considers spammy, especially if they do not use the addon themselves. Personally I would rather have addon spam that gets hidden than have chat channel lfg spam, but each to their own.

    It is a crossrealm tool and adds battletags from other users to compile lf lists - those battletags can easilly be removed again, but one have to be open to sharing ones battletag (not real-ID).
    Oqueue is currently in moderation on Curse apparently due to the beer donation button it has on the addon ingame, and any sort of donation buttons ingame is against their rules or something.

    The one for Rift I have yet to try, but the name is raidfinder, and it seems to be intend to do the same type of service, ease and efficiency in finding groups without having to sit in town spamming trade or generel chat.

    The fact that there is recently two such addons out there in developement/live for two different games and considering the popularity of oqueue with those who use it, suggests that it is a improvement of game life service to have.

    In my opinion, if something like this tool is not already ingame as a default tool, then having an addon to do the job is something I want very much to see. However much some may dislike oqueue for various reasons (communication spam, battle tag sharing, loopsided pug pvp, the developer or success of addon and whatever) it looks to me like a stroke of genius how the developer put together something that works this efficiently crossrealm.

    However, considering the ways a addon developer might be creative in information gathering and sharing with this type of addon, I would rather see it made by the game developer, since they would likely be able to implement methods that is less of a communication strain by using more than the usual avenues available to player addons, like dedicated channels/servers for the purpose.

    Btw, I use openraid.us for scheduling premade instance pve, oqueue is to reach a wider and targetted audience and thus faster pve open world groups than is available in any generel/trade chat - for Wildstar it would be to make crossrealm premade instance grouping or same realm open world groups.

    An ingame tool that provided the calendar event scheduling, signup, attendance, reputation and rating that openraid.us provides would be amazing, though intirely unexpected.

    Any constructive reviews, thoughts or experiences on these types of addons? Maybe on why something like oqueue turns out to be so much more popular by its users than any ingame lfg (not lfd match system) tools I have yet to see - which granted is usually same realm so not as many use it as they do this crossrealm tool.
  2. PawRevere

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    Oct 28, 2013
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    Chi City
    I would think that any add on that makes gathering a group easier is positively received by those that do not wish to take time spamming to find a group/spamming to find members. I usually handled large group creation through macro'd messages and the like, but given any tools that made that easier is have jumped on them.

    The one problem I have with this is when they are applied cross realm. I'm a huge supporter of keeping realms separate from other realms and building the community up on a server by playing with people on your server. Otherwise it all just blends into a mass of humanity and theres little incentive to be anything more than a quiet husk going through the gear grind motions.

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