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Missed the AMA

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by NabeShogun, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. NabeShogun

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    So I missed the AMA (thought I might) but had pre-typed out a big long question so I'm just going to stick it on here on the offchance someone sees it ... I know Scooter lurks everywhere (and I did tweet you bro to see if there was way to send my question(s) in early) ...


    Hi, I’ve got some questions about how you feel the Medic will play in the various instanced settings (as a healer).

    1) In dungeons, given that they seem to be more AoE orientated how do you feel they can cope with keeping a tank healed up in a 5 man instance. (I’m looking for a bit more than LAS means you can build them how you want, here… I have a feeling their single target heals will be weaker than say a SS … if not can you prove me wrong with numbers).

    2) In a raid given their AoE nature it feels natural that they might not become the MH dealing with MT (or any of the tanks) … however, given that they can regen shields (and I don’t think the esper or SS can) then what is the reasoning for this? The only person facing continual pressure (eg doesn’t have the opportunity to not take a hit for a little bit and so have shields regen) will be the tanks, deeps should be able to have their shields regen naturally. But as stated the medic seems to be more group orientated and so it’s more likely for a SS to be dealing with a tank, so it seems like it would be a more natural addition for the SS to have shield regen and the medic to be more purely health focused (lore and tech stuff aside).

    3) Their innate hybridity coming from things both healing and hurting makes me feel like they might not be as welcome in an environment where people aren’t yet fully geared and so healers need to be quite pure specced, any thoughts?

    4) Healing output. It’s been stated that the heavier the armour the less assault and support stats the class gains from base stats. With the medic having to be in close I feel the armour trade off for them is the range, the fact that they will also be getting less stats seems like somewhat of a gimp … more danger so more armour – sure … but then to be less effective despite having to be far more mobile and attentive seems unfavourable.

    5) In the last raid test you ran what was the ratio of healers (per class present) so Medic:SS:Esper
    Oh and I don’t want to seem like I’m criticising here … I read every interview, AMA, etc that comes out and I’ve been amazingly impressed with your design philosophies (especially in some of the interviews with Mr Gaffney when I was first learning about the game a while back) … so I have faith in you, I’d just really like to hear about your visions for the medic and how you came about some of the design choices. (I can’t be sure till I get my hands on them but am probably going to roll a medic anyway (esp. as mordesh can’t be espers).

    Many thanks.

    TL;DR …
    1) AoE based how will deal with dungeons.
    2) Shield regen seems more suited for Main Healer (eg SS).
    3) Hybridity making them less welcome as a healer.
    4) Both shorter range and less stats for medium armour being too much of a tradeoff.
    5) Ratio of healers in last raid test (per class).
  2. Daexel

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    Jul 28, 2013
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    Hey there NabeShogun, I saw your post on reddit and replied to it there as well. Just to help you cover your bases I figured I would link that reply here too. Probably not super helpful or reassuring, but I hope it is at least a smidgen useful.

    Hey there OP, I am sorry to hear you missed the AMA. I'm not a dev or anything, just another fan/follower, but I think the AMA answered a lot of your questions generally if not specifically. I wouldn't expect too many specifics to be honest considering the mutability of the game's state at this point.
    That said, here's my interpretation based on the AMA, videos, and interviews.
    1 & 2) Don't forget about probes and the class mechanic. I'm thinking there is a healing probe that can be detonated to give a bit of burst in exchange for the HOT effect. Also, the class mechanic has been described as allowing for effective "burn phases" for both dps and heals. What is nice is that they are full going into combat and can be regenerated by builders while in combat.
    AMA answer to a similar question
    Also possibly helpful; see their 4 for actual specifics!
    I understand where you are coming from by the apparent emphasis the Medic has on stationary AOE fields, and the Devs seem to suggest that this is a natural limitation that will need to be worked around by proper communication. They further suggest that these limitations are not necessarily restricted to the Medic and proper communication (thanks to free form aims, movement, etc.) will be necessary for all groups/healers.
    See their point 5
    If they do specialize in regenerating shields in addition to health, I imagine this is exactly what will help them with main tanks. The Devs have been very explicit in stating that all healers are to be fully functional for all types of healing (main tank, off tank, group, etc.).
    AMA answer
    3) The Devs have explained in the AMA that hybrid effects are not ubiquitous through all the Medic's abilities and are limited in number. Consequently, Medic's will be able to build to focus on pure dps, pure healing, OR a hybrid. Innate hybridity is, consequently, only an option.
    AMA answer
    4) I have no idea. I'm thinking, like you suggest, that the armor and range is the direct trade off here and base stats will be consequently unaffected.
    5) I have no idea here either. I'm not quite sure why this is even important.

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