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My 2 biggest concerns with WS are,

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by FairyTailisBack, Oct 19, 2013.


    KADAMA New Cupcake

    Oct 30, 2013
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    The thing is that you can trade or sell the CREED for in game currency, if so it would be at a high price of in game currency. Creed = currency
    So far I have read that the players will sell it thru a system. There is two options:
    1-sell at a FIXED price (NO CHOICE)
    2-a player sells at HIS price (CHOICE)
    If it's at the fixed price then there is some control but you can still exchange for currency. Example:
    CREED price = 100 currency, this is fixed
    CREED price = 110(1stmonth),140(2ndmonth),300(3rdmonth), not fixed
    You can't sell as an auction because this item allows you to purchase game time, it would be unreliable and as a consequence players will complain or compete for purchases.

    The best option is at a fixed price to avoid a purchase of higher cost. Otherwise it will cost more as time passes because the item(creed) does not lower in value(subscription fee).

    And if you can purchase items(hover board, mounts, armor) thru professions or crafting then you can save time and not earn it. Why am I saying this? Because if I can't purchase creed to pass unto a friend then it's not useful.

    To not allow a player to purchase creed so he can pass on to a friend will be negative, because you will force players to purchase by obligation your subscription fee. Since they want to implement it then players would be allowed to trade creed at any cost. Since this is true so far then I can trade it at zero cost or as we know it cash into paypal account.

    To answer your question on the mount in the video they show hover board with a healthbar and it moves at a high pace.

    This means that players will move faster making the world smaller and as shown in the settler video it will make the use of settler vehicles less important, therefore the settler class getting less experience or converting his vehicle or fireplace less important.

    It can also be that the board gets destroyed, if so you have to acquire a new one or repair it. If you have to acquire a new one it has to be crafted, if this is true then it costs in game currency. Which would be a use of CREED=currency, and therefore necessary to use and in game item. Just like house decorations they cost currency too, which you can see in all housing videos sadly.
  2. Torbjörn

    Torbjörn New Cupcake

    Nov 7, 2013
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    I had the same concerns, however it was stated in another post (dont remember which, sorry) that for example tier 5 raid gear would be sort of equal to tier 3 or 4 pvp gear, so you wouldnt have to start from tier 1 if you were a raider that wanted to PvP. How this is, or will be, achieved I have no idea.
  3. snowLeopard

    snowLeopard New Cupcake

    Nov 10, 2013
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    Sorry to sound dumb, but could you explain why you are NOT worried about a players pvp-ing their way all the way to 20-man raids? I am afraid I didn't understand. As you said majority of challenge in raids comes from coordination of large teams, and if I take WoW as an example about 90% of all BGs are just PUGs with no coordination/collaboration between players whatsoever.
    I would honestly prefer if PvP gear for PvE setting could only get you as far as veteran dungeons, while PvP gear was equivalently superior in a PvP setting.

    As far as this whole CREDD discussion, PLEXes have been in EVE for a long time and they work. If the gear is made by the players (or the vendor price is dynamically adjusted based on supply-demand) then I don't see any problems with it. Obviously if CREDD is traded freely, but the gear/goodies are sold at a fixed price the system won't work - its Economics 101.
  4. Domi Dayglow

    Domi Dayglow Super Cupcake

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Land of Hugs!
    After watching a few things I'm a little concerned now about espers and the basic attacks.

    So, if we have two, what amount to, basic attacks that have little to no recharge....

    One of them is pretty much melee range.

    The other is a ranged attack, but has like a 1.5 second rooting animation.

    That rooting animation is kind of annoying. I mean, on my most basic strike that will be used often, I'm being rooted every cast, that kind of makes running and shooting a little hard. The whole concept of 'range is defense' sort of ...has its defense reduced. Either that, or I need to stay in melee range...as an esper...with light armor.

    Guess I'm saying that our basic, Tier 1 attacks shouldn't cause a rooting in the animation for any of the classes.

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