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Story My perspective on the formation of the Exile rebellion fleet

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Maddog Charlie, Feb 23, 2013.

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    The Exile fleet is often imagined as a single collection of ships and the initial fleet was just that, led by the Gamblers Ruin but as news of the Exiles defiance of the Dominion oppression spread through the known planets, more and more fleets were formed from anything that had even the slightest hope of making the journey and staying intact in space. Thousands of Exiles joined the original Brightland pioneers as they assembled for the long journey ahead of them.

    Numerous fleets were formed all around the galaxy shortly after the news of Brightland's victory. All were united in their purpose and direction of joining together for self preservation and locating a suitable homeworld away from Dominion rule. Everyone boarding an Exile freedom flight knew the risks, it was a one way ticket with no chance of returning. The hardest thing to explain to those born during the fleets travels and those too young to remember, was that there was no way back to the Dominion life, that would never be an option.

    Some fleets like those from the mining planets of Verassa 7 and Telios Minor were a brutal ordeal for those onboard. The older mining ships had seen little spaceflight since landing and the continuous mining operations had pushed components to their lifecycle limits and beyond. Sudden depressurization and inadequate proteins meant the crews were near exhaustion when they reached Brightlands main fleet. Fortunately the medical capabilities of these outer rim colonists were well practiced and regarded as exceptional, many of them were brought back from deaths doorstep more than once.

    Both Aurin and Granok trained with other pilots and mastered navigating some ships to form their own smaller fleets. Although the Exile fleet operations officer noted that it was troubling him that, on more than one occasion the Aurin's completing the 'Propulsion and navigational maneuvers' test quoted the phrase “I am a leaf on the wind” when referring to question 23a: “Describe in detail an ideal tactical evasive maneuver which allows maximum progress”. Granok 'Meteor' squadron and Aurin 'Eagle' squadron were just two of the groups who became famous for their relentless, courageous and highly effective counter-strikes against Dominion targets.

    Privateer Fleet 476 was one of the most famous of the independently formed fleets. These hardy space pilots were responsible for last minute evacuations from many planets, performing daring runs past Dominion blockades with their super fast and agile ships. When asked about their capabilities their commander simply stated “We can be in atmo, drop to perform 4 pickups and back out at max speed in less time than it takes a Dominion Officer to finish ordering breakfast”. One of the most famous Exile ships in the galaxy, 'Serenity' was a proud member of this fleet and with varied crews over the years she performed numerous rescue missions.

    Serenity was rumored to have been built by a group of diverse citizens on Cassus, who had formed an underground movement several years before Brightland's rebellion, in preparation for what they saw as the imminent failing of the Dominion empire. Backed by the resources of the struggling companies they owned, the group of individuals had devised their own plan to escape Cassus in a small craft capable of interplanetary travel.
    Openly owning such a craft on Cassus would have led to prohibitive taxes and fees so they operated in secret at an abandoned mining facility located in a shallow valley known as Serenity Valley, far from prying eyes in the desert wastelands. Since Brightland's Rebellion had led to Cassus law enforcement investigation of any individual using words like ‘rebel’ or ‘rebellion’ in any media or communication they chose the codename ‘Serenity’ for the project.
    The team spent whatever precious time they could preparing the ship with sophisticated evasion capabilities that would enable the crew and their supplies to escape Cassus for a better place. Brightland's revolution invigorated their enthusiasm and they soon launched to join with the main fleet.

    DSFoS - Deep Space Fleet of Science, was one of the last big private corporation owned fleets of ships performing long scientific experiments for the development of Cassus technologies. The ships were the most self sufficient design ever made and each carried almost an entire miniature world onboard inside their dome like hulls. With DNA samples for virtually all known organisms. The doctors, scientists and technicians onboard often served their entire life on a single journey isolated from much of the happenings on Cassus. When presented with the news of the Brightland rebellion their Chief of operations simply replied “.....well its about time!” and promptly set a course to rendezvous with the main Exile fleet.

    Their craft were much slower than others and it took them some time to get there, the transcript of their first contact with Brightland's Exile space command communications is detailed below;
    Exile Comms: “Craft identified as code Delta Gamma seven eight niner, state your intent”
    DSFoS Comms: “This is Fleet of Science intending to party with you guys and we brought the beer”
    Exile Comms: “Affirmative DSFoS you are clear to continue to the fleet,...... heck you guys took your time getting here !”
    DSFoS Comms: “That's cause we are the only ones piloting a god dammed mini planet right ?”
    Exile Comms: “LOL hey you brought the universal currency of diplomatic relations, so you're good buddy”
    DSFoS Comms: “LOL you're darn right, 2,200,000 gallons of beer on hand and another 150 acres of Barley ready for harvesting, this is one happy happy ship”

    Dextor 9 was an asteroid which held the bulk of the Dominion's prisoner transfer population. The convicted would be held on this bleak and inhospitable space rock until their allocation to another prison and mining facility was decided. They ranged in status from convicted murderers to petty theft prisoners, including those who had committed 'morality' crimes against the Empire, such as passionate artistic expression. Although never proven, it is thought that some of the women prisoners were transported by unmarked Dominion ships to the Draken planet Mikros. Several prison breaks resulted in a small fleet of unarmored transport ships crewed by the escaped Exiles being formed. Not having adequate defensive weaponry they suffered heavy losses on their way to join with the main fleet. Pirates and marauders repeatedly attacked the small fleet and took many captive. The Dex9 survivors that made it to the Gamblers Ruin are now some of the most ruthless and devoted warriors to the Exile cause.

    On a covert bombing run against a Dominion outpost the flight commander stated the following in his report;
    “I was about to call off the attack due to the faulty missile launcher on the one attack ship we had, then from the back of the ship the Dex9 sergeant called through for us to make the run as he had 'a plan'. I thought 'hell why not', besides he was a big guy and I didn't want to argue.

    We lined up and came in fast, slowing for the last 100 yards, I figured the Dex's would throw grenades or something ! dam Doomies lit the black up all around us with blaster fire. Then out of the belly of the ship half a dozen Dex9 guys shot forward in some kinda suits and jetpacks.

    I pulled out as we were getting hammered by the Doomies artillery. We circled at a safe range for over an hour, then to our amazement the call came over the radio. The Dex9 squad of 6 men and women had taken the entire station. There were over 200 Doomies on there and I tell you, when we picked up the squad not one Doomie was left alive. Forget missiles man, gimme a squad of Dex9's any day, heck, with an army of them you could take a planet !”

    Several smaller Cassus corporations that were capable of acquiring older military and transport vessels also managed to make the journey to the main fleet. Most were aided by the Granok free companies at some point in their journey as their craft were not ideally designed for long distance travel. Ben Karles was one such independent pilot who navigated his tiny one man modified satellite repair craft across thousands of sectors to join with fellow Exiles. When asked why he undertook such a colossal risk he simply replied “seemed like a good idea at the time”

    Vertion corporation functioned as a smaller interplanetary supply and maintenance company until their overworked employees decided on mass, to requisition all the companies assets and make a break for the main Exile fleet. This ragtag assortment of repair and freight vessels were one of the last to join the main fleet but provided a much welcomed repair and resupply for their fellow Exiles and their ships. Their new unofficial Exile CEO declared “aint nothing we cant fix, rebuild, refine and improve, except maybe most things with a Protostar logo, just be thankful they didn't build your engines !”

    Forming a massive formidable fleet the Exiles made their way to the fringe ............
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    I enjoyed the Diplomatic Currency bit. The mixture of tragedy with great losses, and the sheer stubbornness of the Exiles made me sad and made me smile at the same time.
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    You know I loved this one^.^
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