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Recruiting (NA, DOM)- Enigma (Hardcore Raiding)

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Shunn, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Shunn

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    Apr 3, 2014
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    Currently Recruiting: All Classes
    Website: Under Construction. Our former website is enigmadw.com.
    Server: *shrug* Probably PvP. Going to pick a mid-range population server which is generally devoid of the competitive guilds.
    Schedule: Still TBD, but will likely be similar to 8-12 EST, Sun-Thurs. Definite schedule will be decided immediately before launch.

    Current Status:
    We're still rolling with an extremely small roster. It's cleaner and tighter than any other US roster, but it's only 12 raiders in-beta, with another 5-7 coming in from outside. At the current moment, we're the most progressed US group, and our makeup has been 40% Advice Chat.

    It's for that exact reason that we are specifically interested in group apps. Groups of 5 or so that are unsure about what they want to do for a guild are perfect. Keep in mind though, that no individual will get an invite without being personally validated thoroughly. I make my own assessments, and there is a very real probability that a group of 5 will only end up with 4 accepted raiders.

    Who We Were:
    Enigma was one of the last competitive 25m WoW raiding guilds in the US. Our best final placement was only 4th, but we had an unbroken record of always doing better every tier we competed in. We shut down the guild at our peak after T13, and allowed our members to disperse.

    It's been two years, and we're back.

    Our Core Values:
    We're after World 1st.
    We will compete following the established standards. If someone is running a massive schedule that can only be broken by following suit, we won't back down.

    No Compromise. I don't care if you are the best player in the world. If you want to bring your <REDACTED>ty girlfriend along, I will personally show you where to shove it.

    Community. Generally speaking, I don't play social police. I would preach thick skin, before I would preach sensitivity. But there are limits. If we see you running around being a complete <REDACTED> to strangers, it's going to be a problem. It is a lot more fun to raid with generally chill folks.

    No Arbitrary Rules. I don't care if you're 15. I don't care if you're a girl. It is expected that everyone have a large margin of control over their life, and that's it. Whether you're studying for your SATs or writing your Doctoral Thesis makes no difference to me.

    Serve the Group. Work for the team, and the team will work for you. If we catch you meter padding during progression, you will be gone on the spot. That said, we will also provide opportunities for a few people per week to take #1 rankings through buff stacking on a fight-by-fight basis, after progression.

    Fairness. There is nobody at the top in Enigma siphoning currency. If we were to have sponsors, all our raiders would have a fair shot at the goodies. Our loot will be distributed as fairly as is practical, and there will never, ever, be anything shady going down under the table. When people have to sit for a fight, we ask for volunteers first.

    What We Offer:
    Low Attempt Counts.
    Most people when they turn up their nose at high-end raiding will make the assumption that we're poopsock nerdvirgins who raid all day 'erry day. They would be correct, for 1-2 weeks of every 4-6 months. The rest of the time, we're kicked back and relaxed. An average guild that takes 3 months to progress is going to spend more time in the instance total than we will by a wide margin.

    Rock Solid Roster. If you haven't done it before, raiding in a group of players where there aren't a small group of <REDACTED>-ups is a completely different feeling. The entire atmosphere changes from a silent frustration where many wait for few, and changes into a mutual understanding of aggressive progression. It's just awesome, and it's nothing like any other raid.

    One Game. We do not bounce around in games. Enigma existed in WoW for 4 years. Then it didn't exist for 2 years. Now it's a thing again. We didn't hop on the bandwagon for a bunch of other MMOs. There is no 'after Wildstar' for us. We've seen enough to know this game is solid, and we will play it hard. We're not going to go back to some other <REDACTED>tier game after progression. After progression we're going to hunker down and prep up to smash the next tier.

    Our Expectations:
    This part is stupid. We're looking for skilled players. No kidding?

    Control over your life. If your mom is going to disconnect your net because she thinks you're addicted to video games, Enigma isn't the place for you. If your job/school will never allow you to take a week off, that's an immediate disqualifier.

    Priority List During Progression. We are understanding when things come up in your life. If your work has emergencies, that's fine. If something serious happens in your family, that's fine. If you have to leave mid-raid to go pick up Taco Bell for your dad, you're <REDACTED>ed. If things like concerts and pick-up basketball games sit above our few days of progression raiding on your priority list, that will not work.

    Mandatory Offspec, soon to be followed by Mandatory Alt. There will be patches where your class/spec is <REDACTED>ty. If you're not prepped with a backup plan, you won't be raiding that tier at all, which is pretty much a death sentence.

    How to Apply:
    Drop me a PM,or simply post in this thread that you are interested. Someone get back to you via PM, toss you Mumble info, and we'll plan out a time where we can test you in-game, and you can test us.

    Do not bother trying to impress us outside of game. There is no combination of words that will get you in the guild. Our recruitment is done with logs and data. Some of the worst raiders I've seen had 'impressive' histories. Most of the raiders that other guilds got from us were off the bottom end of our roster as well.

    Anyways, thanks for reading duders.
  2. Shunn

    Shunn New Cupcake

    Apr 3, 2014
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    We stream every Raids fri-sunday for beta weekends. Come check us out we clear a lot of content.

    Follow me on twitch.tv/shunntv

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