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Path Activity Ideas in Instanced and Raid Content

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Domi Dayglow, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Domi Dayglow

    Domi Dayglow Super Cupcake

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Land of Hugs!
    So I was thinking about all of the neat things and content we have available to us depending on our path that we choose for our character. Then I was wandering over much older threads about how some paths would be more desirable than the other in raid and instanced content with groups.

    Scientists scan things. Soldiers activate banner to trigger an event. Explorers will find places. Settlers will build stuffs. But what other off the wall things can we think of for Instanced and Raid content? For the sake of this thread, by 'Instanced' I also mean not only the individual instanced missions (including shiphand missions and expeditions and such from housing) but also small dungeons.

    So! Say you and your merry band are marching through the dreaded tunnels and you come to a locked and sealed door! Oh noes! How do we get by? There's no way to open it!

    The explorer in the group may spot a secret path that leads to something like a jumping puzzle. At the other end is a lever to open the door! The scientist could find a way to hack a computer terminal and route power to the door! The soldier can suddenly remember that pile of discarded explosives they passed in the previous room and can build an explosive charge to blast it open! The settle can repair the door or even fix that big tunneling machine in the corner and make a new door!

    Yay! The group moves on to Super Mean Foozle Boss! Oh noes! the boss is getting a power boost from a generator in the ceiling! Halp! Halp!

    The explorer spots a series of rocky outcroppings they can use to reach the generator in the roof, pull off it's protective armor plating, and blast it from the inside! The scientist spots a deactivated Eldan Doombot in the corner! They can rush over, reprogram is, and sic the robot on the Foozle! The Soldier can suddenly remember passing those Exile/Dominion prisoners in the previous room that were to be used as a sacrifice. They can run back, rally the troops, and bring reinforcements! The settler notices old mining lasers piled in the corner. They can put it together to a mining death beam!

    See? Every path has a use even in the smallest instance. Various roadblocks have different ways to get around it using the various paths with a little thought. Everyone can contribute, no matter the path, to making the final fight a little easier.

    The point is trying to think of unique ways that a path can contribute something to an encounter that doesn't just involve a scientist scanning something with their robot or a soldier hitting something with a sword. I know, I wasn't able to be very creative with uses for Explorer and Settler paths other than jumping puzzle and building stuff.

    What scenarios can you come up with? What kind of unique and creative things can you imagine?
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  2. ruff_ethereal

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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Soldier -- The Boss has a gigantic armoured shell and a powerful shield generator to boot! Your guns are barely making a dent on it. Solution? Get a bigger gun. Artillery strike, anyone?

    Explorer -- Things aren't looking good for the party. That last boss and those mobs really took it out of the group. You're not sure if you'll be able to make it to the last stretch. But what's this? A hidden cache! You decide to help yourself to the goodies and the buffs--the group that put them there is not going to need them anymore.

    Scientist -- Argh! The boss has chemical sprayers all over the room! You're poisoned! Everything... starting... to... get... hazy... and... talking... like... Shatner! What's this? The Scientist is reconfiguring the poison chambers! The boss... they're choking on their own poison! And the air is a little bit clearer. You're still poisoned, but now a little less so.

    Settler -- Shame about all of these "failed" security droid prototypes. No sense in letting them go to waste, eh? You build them up again, and now you have a group of expendable droids that will happily get scrapped once more if it means you're a step closer to scrapping the boss.
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  3. Malorak

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    Mar 30, 2013
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    I'd like multiple approaches which all lead to the same result, atleast in 5 man content.

    You can't expect your group to have 4 different paths in there, so those ideas are all well thought out.

    In raids on the other hand - The chance of not having a path in a 20 (or a 40) man raid is just so low, I don't think it'd be evil to just direct the paths to certain tasks :)
  4. Amenar

    Amenar New Cupcake

    Jun 8, 2013
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    Good ideas. I would love to see ideas like this in-game, although to in a moderate amount. If all bosses or all the doors (just for examples) get an event it will be mind tearing. Sometimes you just want a quick fix.

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