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Path Potential

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Coolio, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Coolio

    Coolio New Cupcake

    May 25, 2013
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    Ok I was bored at work and I got to thinking... The introduction of paths has so much potential. I'm sure everyone here has had an idea of what they expect them to be and what they would like to see. I'm hoping there will be more paths available with upcoming expansions.

    Now, me personally I would like to see path directed towards food gathering and cooking. I love it in RL and would like to see it in-game. I'm not sure if it was stated as a profession already and if it is kudos.

    Yes, my idea came from a manga and I think it would fit within the WildStar Universe. Seeing as Nexus is an undiscovered planet the potential of different kinds of beasts and plants is plentiful. I came up with the term "Chef/Cook" and "Hunter/Scavenger". As you can guess the chef/cook path will focus on preparing exotic food throughout the world that gives various buffs. The hunter/scavenger focuses on supplying these chefs/cooks with all the necessary ingredients. This can range from the simplest flower to most fearsome beast.

    I'd like to know everyone's thought on this. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see please share. This is speculation of course. It probably wont happen but I can dream cant I.
  2. F8L Fool

    F8L Fool Cupcake-About-Town

    May 27, 2013
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    To be honest it sounds like what you are talking about are Trade Skills, not Paths. Cooking and material Gathering are cornerstones of the MMO genre and will undoubtedly be present in Wildstar as well. A Chef (Cook) already crafts exotic food and drinks that enhance a characters performance. A Hunter/Scavenger (Gatherer) on the other hand would get the meat, herbs, vegetables and other ingredients for the cook.

    The beauty of it is that a character most likely will be able to do both tasks themselves, rather than relying on another to do it for them. Since both professions/trade skills/whatever you would like to call them already have sound mechanics, economical and tangible motivators, there is no real reason to make a redundant path to encourage said gameplay habits. People will naturally perform those tasks because they are used to them and have plenty of outlets to do so. They don't need an entire path created to further emphasize it. That would be redundant.

    Now add in the Scientist path that can analyze flora and fauna at will and you have a master Chef/Hunter/Scavenger/Biologist at your fingertips. All of the mechanics compound to support one another.

    The purpose of a Path is to not only encourage players to do what they already enjoy, but to reward them and craft custom content for doing so. For example: in many games simply wandering around the map and finding cool scenery or locations comes with minimal or no rewards—small amounts of experience, uncover map locations, fast travel points, or nothing at all. The only incentive for exploring was to find new quest givers, things to kill, and maybe complete a current quest. That is all.

    With the advent of the Explorer path there is entire scenarios built specifically for exploring. Now if you see a crazy tall mountain and want to traverse it you just might trigger a custom event, rather than having a nice view of the scenery and then levitating to the bottom to go on with your day.

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