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Potential Grouping Pitfalls for Paths

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by F8L Fool, May 30, 2013.

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    In a few videos they have said they intend paths unique features to play a part in dungeons and raids, however just how much is still anyones guess.

    One of my favorite parts of playing SWTOR's beta was in the first few low level dungeons we found our profession skills could interact with certain parts. They were always minor, like a particular elevator that was malfunctioning could be sliced, allowing your team to use it to get up to the next level without clearing 2-4 trash packs. Which was cool, look at that, just saved us 5-10 minutes. Neat. It made it feel like what you chose, and what you were actually had an impact on actual gameplay experience together.

    Unfortunately that all stopped around level 25 and was not present in a single high level dungeon or raid. But it was a cool thought.

    If handled properly this has huge potential in wildstar. Just little things, like explorers leading you around some trash packs making repeat clears a little faster. Settlers fixing up some broken sentry turrets, and a scientist figuring out how to make the controls work, and they help you clear out some stuff. It just adds flavor

    Take it a step further in raids, what if it took 3-5 of you. Your little collective of settlers scurrying around trying to fix things up, maybe make a waystation that acts as a waypoint so you don't have to fully runback if your group full wipes on a boss.

    Doesn't have to be things that are 100% crucial to your success, just something extra that really makes an impact on the first time you do something. Those are the things that really stick out in PvE content. It's the first time you go in, and the first time you beat it.

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