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Story PoV's of Characters side by side.

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by shadowclasper, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Apr 13, 2013
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    Okay, this is a story thread for all you guys. The goal is simple. You make two characters one exile and one dominion. State their name, faction, race, and class, and then give a blurb about what they believe and why they do what they do.

    Hetros Jistin, Exile Human Spellslinger Scientist
    Jistins' have been fightin' scholars since the academy was first formed. When the fleet formed, when we had to move, it's our job to study and scrape and scrimp. The settlers and explorers might find new resources and use 'em, but it's down to the scientists to find out if we can actually use them without everybody growing extra limbs or boils or somethin'. M'dad taught me how to shoot a gun, his dad taught him, and so on. Course, most of 'em were explorers, not academics, that was m'mom, got the name from her, dad took it, he wasn't on good terms with his family when he joined the Exiles, he was cassian full ye see, joined us after leaving their expeditionary forces, made people suspicious, weren't fun, but he was a good sort down under that stiff-necked, straight-laced approach of his.

    Argani XO15, Dominion Mechari Warrior Settler
    Prime Directive is to promote civilization. This is what the creators designated for unit XO15 at his creation 1478 standard years ago. This unit servers the Elden's designated ruler species: Cassian, and for the full benefit of all sapient life in the galaxy. Species are to be brought into the fold. Indoctrinated. Uplifted. Descenters are to be purged. This is fact. The Elden declared it. Attempted to help civilize silicate life forms known as Granok. Effort's spurned, retaliated against. Workings brought down, colonial project halted. Battle Protocols activated. Granok society was to be purged and reformatted. They were, are, a dangerous influence to continued peace and prosperity of Dominion and Galaxy at large, as well as to the Great Work, if allowed to continue to act independently. Efforts failed. Purge process failed due to quick adaptation of Granok warriors to the fight. Unfortunate. Regret still permeates memory unit, unable to uplift Granok, unable to bring them into the Dominion, they are still left in darkness, crude and uncivilized. Will return, when Nexus uplift project is complete. Reattempt Uplift process. Will not fail again.
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