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<Primacy> Exile PvE two 6/6 groups pushing into DS

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by yourheadonspork, Aug 29, 2014.


    Faction: Exile

    Raid Times: 8-12 EST Tue/Wed/Thur(extra)Sun/Mon

    In-Game Contacts: Spork, Djpaulyd, Zemiro, or Silvae

    Primacy is a 4-5 night a week raid looking to bolster its roster. We're a mixed bag of experienced veterans and bodies starting Datascape this Sunday. Currently we have two groups farming Ohmna.. If you're the competitive sort and interested in progression raiding, please message one of our contacts or apply on our terrible enjin site.

    Primacy-Wildstar.enjin.com (class demands listed on the top left)

    We are always interested in top tier DPS regardless of class, and are extra interested if you can pull great numbers with a Medic or Spell Slinger. Even if you're listed as low priority we won't turn away an exceptional player, so send us a tell to see if we can work things out.
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  2. bump, still looking for great players as we start DS this week.
  3. Putting some good work into System Daemons. Looking for serious players to stick around and fight the attrition boss.

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