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PvP players! What are you worried about?

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by HappinessFactory, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Bnol

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    May 1, 2013
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    I did not know that they said the tier jump was going to be the same difference as the gap between playstyles, it makes sense though. You don't have to delay gratification significantly by the rating reduction, when compared to just a difference in currency gain (e.g. the TBC arena), but could mainly delay choice, which would be another reward for increasing rating.
    I understand them wanting to drive participation to Warplots, but, if gear acquisition is solely or heavily tied to rating, that participation will drop on the bottom end of the spectrum once they realize they have reached the peak of their gearing (which is what started this line of discussion). Which is why, to drive participation I would use the early TBC arena system for gearing.

    I only brought it up as you had stated, "Setting up different systems/games and putting different incentives in place and have them not compete is the only way for them not to influence each other in that way". The only way to achieve that is a complete division, and Arena and Warplots are quite different. I agree that the marginal gear differential is a small factor in the outcome of fights, especially for the average player that is not even close to the skill cap. But as you noted, it is this perception/delusion that drives a large portion of the playerbase.
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    May 20, 2013
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    Yeah, it was stated somewhere that its roughly 10% between tiers, and off type gear is roughly 90% as useful in those activities. I believe it was one of the crafting threads.

    "Significantly" I think is the issue. People make the choice of whether or not they will play an Iphone game in the first 30 seconds, watch a Youtube video in the first 20 seconds, and I believe WoW stated that if a player quit within the first 10 minutes they never logged back in again. Humans are naturally impatient creatures, and honestly its only getting worse. There is simply too much one can do, quickly and easily, to make it worthwhile to significantly delay gratification. Its a large part of the reason why we get so many flashy things when we level up, or loot enemies, or get an achievement. Its all part of the reward schedule that keeps us online and paying.

    Perhaps. In TBC especially you saw a lot of players from pve dipping into pvp to grab weapons for example (s2 I pvped for my mageblade since our prot pally took the only Tidecaller we saw drop) and then hop back over to what they really enjoyed doing. Since there was no competitive bgs then if you wanted to pvp it was really just arena or nothing, with most of the "real competition" focused on 5s while everyone who was just there for stuff duffed around in 2s or sometimes 3s because it was easier to carry.

    Really though, with all 3 modes being held to a competitive standard, and I imagine only a tiny amount of difference between the 3 gearing wise I do not see that as being an issue. I believe instead of splitting them up as say t0.5, t1, t1.5 (good, better, best) the way WoW essentially did it, its going to be closer to ~3% jumps with all of them being considered the same tier. Also keep in mind, I do not believe that Carbine is going to make the same mistakes in terms of different classes scaling insanely better with certain stats, or reaching breakpoints that render them completely useless. Like Boomkins with haste in mid to late Wotlk.

    Also keep in mind the parallels with pve content. Right now they are lining them up to have similar groups on both sides of the fence with only really minor variations. Solo/small group dungeons match up to Arena, 20 man raids match up to Bgs and 40 mans to Warplots. One can only assume that part of that is to do partially with balancing, but also opens up many other avenues, like how they are tying together guilds and circles etc. As with most things its really hard to look at in depth in isolation since its all part of the whole.

    I actually touched on this both above and previously. Isn't it rather great how at heart we are still monkeys, obsessed with hierarchy and our place within it?

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