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Rachel's Racial Roundup

Discussion in 'WildStar Races' started by Steampunkette, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Dave Bowman

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    Yeah, it's pretty interesting to try to extrapolate earthly historical dynamics to interstellar scales. Gives the brain a good kneading.

    But you make a good point, the Exile thing kinda was the revolution I was talking about, except it failed. Which tells me that it just didn't get enough support to succeed. Which also tells me that the Cassian people who didn't go Exile had their chance to pitch in, chose to side with the space elf jackboot, and can be held morally responsible for all the bad stuff the Dominion's done to various homeworlds and <REDACTED>. Otoh, I guess these are also now just descendants of the original rebels, so that dilutes it a bit.

    I read your link from the previous post, with the Moore comment on Massively, but unless there is more to it, I'm not really sold on Dominion society being open and liberal. Tbh, and since people get awful protective of their factions round these parts we're just talking games and ideas, it's kind of the definition of fascism. Order, safety, warfooting command economy, the state leaves you alone except if you get in the way, then it squishes you underheel. Being at the whim of the state doesn't really pluck any liberal twanger for me. Zero social mobility, prestige by blood composition, a robot secret police ... yanno. Modern China-style authoritarian paternalism at best, brown stuff at worst.

    Which isn't a bad thing to explore in a game. Can't beat a ride on the dystopia merry go round.
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  2. Steampunkette

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    May 25, 2013
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    There's also the video from Rezzed in which a different Dev comments that no one has the full picture and that there are no "Good guys" or "Bad guys" for side-choices... I'll take their word for it, for now.

    Still: Good talk!


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