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Story Retirement (part 2) Tirx Story

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Maddog Charlie, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Maddog Charlie

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    Aug 27, 2012
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    So if you didnt read part 1 yet its here

    I wanted to combine a few more elements of the game into this second part of the story.

    1. The kind of sensory clues that explain a little why the 'telegraphs' are in Wildstar.

    2. The crossing of quest objectives, of two different classed characters and how they work together to achieve their goal.

    3. The idea of aggro, mobs and of course teamwork.

    Retirement Part 2
    I surveyed the scene ahead of me, at least 10 Dominion operatives had assaulted the Cartel warehouse and two were outside finishing off the last of the Cartel guards as I arrived. Years of combat training, my experience in the field and the wisdom only a seasoned warrior has, allowed me to rapidly formulate a plan of action and engage the enemy. I had to take all of them down and rescue my Aurin partner Tueshka.

    As I walked towards the doors of the warehouse, to my left and right two operatives saw me and turned to attack, evidently they had been ordered by Feilzar to kill on sight. Each brandished a jagged blade still wet with the blood of their last victims. I knew I could not risk alerting the other operatives as 10 on one would have been a fatal match for me. Skillfully punching the throat of the closest operative I dodged his blade as he staggered to the side, struggling to breath. The other made a halfhearted stab which I easily parried before sweeping his legs from under him and sending him to the ground. Dodging two more stabs from the man I managed to wrench his neck sharply to the side and he stopped moving.

    The first operative had regained his composure and began to run towards the doors stopping to carefully aim his knife from a distance. I knew the reputation of Dominion Team Four and their talent with projectiles, my mind quickly computed the trajectory, allowing for his off balance, the distance between us, a slippery blade and the weight of the weapon I rolled quickly to the right as the knife slammed into a barrel where I had been. Crouching calmly I took the time to carefully aim the pistol crossbow. The operative fell to the ground as the bolt struck him at the base of the neck, I stood, walked over and quickly finished him with a knife.

    It was then I discovered the third operative, I sensed I was being observed, in that way that you cant really explain and then caught a faint smell of perspiration with the wind to my right, I heard the barely perceptible power cycle of the rifle. Ducking and diving behind a nearby crate I narrowly missed the high power bullet as it slammed into the dirt. The rifles noise was muffled by a silencer. Knowing only too well the art of the sniper I closed my eyes for second and considered what he maybe saw from his position. I thought that if he was in the water tower then moving left would expose me to another shot, moving right should be hidden by the thick tree that was between us. However if he was instead somewhere on the ridgeline then he could hit me with either movement. I positioned my Wildstar cap on my backpack and slid it to the right. No more shots came, carefully sliding to the right I crawled towards the tree unslinging my rifle, setting the range and taking aim on the tower.
    My single shot struck the operative in the head and I didn't even need to double check to know he was done. The shot had made enough noise that by now the rest of the team were alerted as I set towards the side door of the warehouse.

    Bypassing the codelock I entered the dark warehouse. Knife in one hand and a small energy pistol in the other. Two were waiting for me and jumped out from behind some crates as I entered, the first took my knife to his chest before he could even hit me, the second, who was unusually muscular had raised a large crate above his head and was about to bring it down on me. Quickly, leaping backwards I dodged the crate but lost my balance as the huge operative swung a massive bladed sword over my head, striking a pile of boxes. I cracked a small vial of liquid on the floor and as the smoke spread outwards I slipped into the shadows. I knew it was the right move as two more Dominion soldiers rounded the corner to team with the other, each holding a blaster rifle. As they searched through the crates and boxes I knew I had to do something quickly.

    A frightened worker ran out of the main doors screaming and distracting them, I stealthily slipped over to a crate of highly explosive canisters and set a fuse. Standing so they could see me I fired two volleys from the pistol and backed away from the crate. As they advanced towards me they fired a few shots but were cut short by the deafening explosion and flying debris from the exploding crate, none of them survived.

    Focusing now on the back of the warehouse where the offices were and Tueshka worked, I advanced cautiously, a pistol and a poison dart gun in each hand. A small and relatively thin looking Dominion operative ran out of the offices, in his hands what looked like a regular flashlight with some kind of alien jewelry taped to the end of it. He aimed it at me and I half questioned myself as to which of the two guns I carried would be the most cost effective way to dispatch this man. When he flicked on the flashlight I realized something was very wrong. The white beam turned into green lightning as it passed through the alien jewelry and out the other side, vaporizing a stack of crates near to me. I dived to the side and fired two poorly aimed shots with my guns as he powered up the light again and a slightly weaker lightning bolt shot over my head and obliterated a section of roof. He laughed insanely as he adjusted the flashlights power cell and took aim again. I dived and weaved between the stacks of crates trying to get closer in range to have a good shot with the guns, there was no time to maneuver a rifle in the tight confines between the crates and I was rapidly running out of warehouse to hide in. The lightning vaporized anything it struck and I was left with two more stacks of crates, one was my cover.

    As pieces of the roof fell around me the laughing operative eliminated the other stack of crates with a single bolt of lightning, I prepared myself for a run from my hiding space. Just then the silhouette of a lone figure appeared in the opening of the main warehouse doors. The laughing operative took aim and fired. As the lightning forked towards the figure a shimmering golden light surrounded him and deflected it skywards. I saw the opportunity and started my run as the astounded operative, who was no longer laughing, began to fiddle with his alien weapon. By the time he saw me I was within range and fired two darts at his head, the neurotoxin acted quickly and he fell to the floor, the flashlight smashing as he did.

    I stopped to pickup the alien jewelry and waited as the silhouette figure, a middle aged man carrying a long staff approached from the doorway.
    “It will bring you more trouble than its worth my friend” he spoke quietly.
    I kept the energy pistol ready but not aimed at him as he came closer.
    “Sure and you want to save me from that trouble right?” I asked.
    He looked hesitant and seemed to be weighing me up as a combatant.
    I smiled and added, “Ok friend, well you don't seem to be well kitted for combat but you have some skills that I've seen, so how about you help me rescue my Aurin partner from the offices over there and I will let you have the trinket after? You have my word on that.”

    The man fished around in his backpack for a pair of ornately decorated gloves and put them on. Looking back at me he spoke “That seems fair, I couldn't have taken it from them without your involvement, so long as you are true to your word,” he paused and looked at the bodies of Dominion Team Four then added, “but you do realize that the team commander and his two best goons are waiting for us in there, he will call in a mortar attack” he gestured at the small door ahead of us.
    I turned to face the door, drawing the small pistol crossbow and reloading its magazine of bolts.
    “Better show me what you've got then?” I said to the man.

    As he pointed his staff at the door, dozens of shimmering waves, like those you see on a hot day in the desert, emitted from the head. I saw the door and the walls turn translucent showing us the one operative waiting for us behind the door, another in the office to the right holding Tueshka captive and the commander in the passageway to the left, close to the rear exit of the warehouse. The waves stopped and the walls returned as the man clipped the staff to his backpack and began to rub his gloves together he smiled and said “You impressed yet? us scientists have a few tricks up our sleeves”.

    A deep rumbling began underground as his gloves began to pulse with a bright red light. Cracks appeared in the warehouse flooring as hundreds of tiny fissures opened up, shooting out hot vents of steam and obscuring visibility. I realized it was my time and I headed for the door as the cracks crept all around the doorway and beyond. The operative never saw the door opening on account of the steam and three crossbow bolts into his neck dropped him quickly, with a sound.

    Energy pistol at the ready I kicked down the door to the right office and rolled in avoiding the volley of shots from the operatives assault weapon. I took my time aiming the pistol as his spray of energy shots crept across the wall behind me, blowing out the panels in clouds of sparks, the steam drifted through the room and the ground was still steadily shaking. My high powered shot took him off his feet and clear over a table, before he could recover, I ran over and fired three shots point blank to finish him. Tueshka looked stunned but glad to see me. The scientist untied her bindings and helped her to her feet.

    As all three of us exited the office a booming voice came down the corridor leading to the rear door of the warehouse. “You are a traitor Tirx and you will feel the Warbringer's wrath, pay for your deceit”.
    I advanced down the corridor and saw the door slam shut.
    “What did he mean traitor?” Tueshka questioned.
    “No chance I could get that item we discussed right now is there?” the scientist asked.
    The whistle of a mortar shell sounded in the distance, growing louder and ending in a roaring explosion as the front of the warehouse blew into pieces, the walls shaking around us.
    I dismissed their questions, knowing time was a critical factor “Right now we just need to get out of the building and finish this guy, lets go” I said as a second shell impacted the building.
    Kicking down the rear door we all made it out before two more shells brought the warehouse to the ground.

    The commander stood halfway up a small hill with a Dominion aircopter landed behind him.
    He yelled at us “No-one escapes the ....” two shots from my rifle interrupted him, but they failed to do any damage because of his energy resistant shield “......wrath of the Warbringer !” he continued as he pressed a few buttons on his armguard.

    “Mortars !” I shouted. All three of us scattered in different directions, the light incendiary rounds exploding around us. We were all nimble enough to be able to escape the fiery rain and flying debris and make it to cover. I switched the rifle to conventional rounds and fired two bullets at the heavily armored Dominion operative. As he advanced up towards the aircopter a dozen plant tentacles started to ensnare his legs and I looked back to see Tueshka working her wondrous elemental powers from behind a large rock. I took aim and fired at the aircopter. Knowing the location of the engine components and weakest points in the armor meant that one well placed shot shut down its engine and controls, the spinning blades began to grind to a halt. The commander had by now realized the origin of his troubles and started to fire repeatedly at the rock Tueshka was behind, pieces of it shattering up into the air. I had to get his attention away from her. Jumping up I fired a shot with the rifle and then switched to the pistol crossbow and dart gun as I ran towards him emptying both magazines at him, most of the projectiles bounced off his heavy armor but he did turn to focus on me now.

    A small hatch opened in his shoulder armor module and a tiny but deadly rocket shot towards me, I leaped to the side as it whizzed by and obliterated a tree behind me. Coming to my feet I took time to aim carefully with the rifle, knowing the shot had to count. As he started to break free from the vines another tiny rocket started to autoaim in my direction. It was then I heard the thundering roar of a herd of the local bovine animals coming up the other side of the hill, at the head of them gliding effortlessly above the ground like a surfer, the scientist led the enraged animals in a line towards the commander. I weighed my chances, the Dominion helmet armor was tough and likely the bullet wouldn't kill him even if it got through but his leg armor just below the knee and to the side was a lot weaker. I saw the opportunity and fired accurately, the shot tore into his armor, deployed its shrapnel payload and exited out the other side of his leg, he lost the ability to stand and fell to the ground as his tiny rocket shot uselessly up into the sky.

    Seconds later the scientist zipped over him followed by the herd of angry bovine. As the commander hacked and slashed at the animals they turned on him, stomping repeatedly until he stopped moving. Those animals that could walk away wandered back towards their pasture. The commander could barely breath and was seconds away from death as I approached. He spoke once more “No-one escapes the Wrath of the Warbringer”.
    “I am No-one” I replied, the shot from my pistol silenced him forever.
    I took the Dominion special forces knife I had carried for twenty years and planted it in the commanders chest, as Tueshka and the scientist walked up the hill.
    Tueshka saw the emblem on the hilt of the knife and stopped in her steps, staring at me in confusion, tears welling in her eyes, “you lied?” she turned and ran down the hill towards the town.
    I sighed, knowing that I should never have lied to her about my 'secret' job as a Dominion spy, I slipped my Wildstar cap onto my head.

    The scientist just stood there looking at the Aurin and then back to me.
    He spoke “So...... looks like you are going to be pretty busy for a while? Maybe I can get that alien item now and we can each go off and do our thing, yes?”
    I looked at him and remembered that without his help leading the enraged mob of animals, I would likely be dead by now. I smiled, picked the alien jewelry out of my pocket and placed it in his hand, then embraced him firmly and replied “My good friend you saved my life, I should at least cook you a meal and offer you shelter for the night, actually I insist ......and I will not take no for an answer” He looked a little taken aback but having seen my combat skills he decided to accept the offer and we both made our way down the hill. If I was going to lose the artifact at the very least I would get some answers as to what these alien things did.
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    Man always nice to read some good story like that Keep it up Mad.
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    Maddog Charlie, am I too forward in assuming something like NaNoWriMo will have your attention?
  4. Maddog Charlie

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    Wow that is cool, I had to google it cause not heard of it before. Ack at 50K in 30 days though, Im just one for it when the mood catches me, appreciate the direction though. Thanks.

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