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Story Round Robin - interactive group story

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by SiegaPlays, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. SiegaPlays

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    The pub was filled with people. Noise permeated the smokefilled small stables and made all independent thought superfluous. Talk was performed in close intimacy to hear each other. She did not like this kind of intimacy among strangers. Her head ached from the shouting and her eyes showed as two slits in her heartshaped face to prevent them from drying out in the smokefilled environment.

    A drop of sweat appeared on the front of her head. She felt the people mass in on her. The mens disgustingly suggestive looks. Even those who did not touch her in person got under her skin, making her nostrils vibrate as with an animal, that sensed danger.

    From the very moment they had stepped over the doorframe, she had felt her tranquility being pulled out, her soul's peace evaporating with the smoke and noise, that hit them as they opened the door to the establishment.

    Her eyes searched the room for a steadfast object, something to focus on before the panic overwhelmed her, and drove away her last piece of calm. Hardened faces, smutched dark cloths and hatched tables, that felt rough under her hands. Empty beer cans and bitter looks, painted grey as quicksilver from years of addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs, the resignation written as an extra layer of despair in their hoarse laughter.

    What was she doing here anyway?

    Her colleagues wanted to go here. She did not understand why. They had had dinner after a day's hard work with the plans for defecting to the Exiles. The timing, the competences needed even the alternate B-plan if something failed.

    Then they had gone for a beer in this pathetic place, the signature of symptoms that living at the bottom of the Dominion caused.

    She could have come up with the first ten places, she would rather be. Nexus being one place. She doubted it would live up to her naive dreams, but surely it could not be worse than this pitiful place. She longed to fork out her piece of a colony and work in a settlement, where people cared for each other. Where common sense prevailed over rules, regulations and bribes.

    As a matter of fact, she doubted there was any place , that was less attractive than this hole. Even their beer tasted....grey.

    Her eyes got hold of a clean indigo object, brightening up in this room of despair, giving her a relieved moment of needed peace in her mind. She concentrated on the color, but as she was getting a hold on herself, the object moved towards the door and disappeared, as yet another flock of people went in.

    She sat back a little confused. Now all was grey.
  2. Darkspur

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    Picking up her purse and standing she moved her chair back from the table and mentally planned a route to the door, avoiding the most likely troublemakers. Her chair bumped into a tall slender man who she hadn't realized was behind her and she half turned to apologize until she saw the cold metallic steel of his face.

    'These days even the droids were getting in her way', she thought as her headache still pounded in her skull, more intense now she had stood up. Instinctively checking the position and reassuring feel of the automatic pistol at her side she made her way through the crowd.

    Very nearly reaching the door she felt the headache increase and then it happened again. Time seemed to slow to a fraction of itself as she watched the man to her left, dressed in a shabby trenchcoat patterned with mud stains begin to reach for the gun in his waistband. She could move quite normally yet everyone else seemed slowed to the point of a tired turtle swimming through treacle. This phenomena was something she couldn't explain, or predict but it had saved her life numerous time before.

    Slipping the gun from her holster she leveled it at the man as he barely had managed to get his gun out of his pants. She watched as his his gaze shifted past her to her right and she quickly span around to face another attacker reaching for her hair. Re-aiming at the second slowed attacker she fired two shots to his chest and turned back to the first, who by now had his weapon aimed at her.

    She had time to react and ducked away from the aim. She felt the bullet buzz past her head and turned to see it strike the wooden pillar, exploding splinters of wood outwards in slow motion. Quickly bringing the pistol to aim she fired four shots into the mans torso, sending him to the floor and adding to the dark stains of his coat.

    With a sudden jolt time returned to its normal pace. The crowd had understandably cleared from her path so she holstered the gun and headed out of the door.

    Outside the rain was falling and it soothed her aching headache, by now she was used to the 'slowing' which was much different than years before when it first happened. That boy that had tried to give her a surprise kiss at the dance had left with a broken nose and a bruised ego, she had not stopped shaking for what seemed like hours afterward.

    Her memories were brought back to reality as the sound of the peacekeepers siren echoed in the distance, growing louder by the second. Running across the tiled square she ducked into a narrow alleyway and dodged between the stacked waste containers as she made her way to the library, ‘at least there it was quiet’ she thought. She sped up her pace as the hope of tranquility and solitude savored in her mind, she knew that was a place she could think and plan what to do next.
  3. ruff_ethereal

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    The Library was less of a place for learning, and more of a safe haven these days. It was easy to lose a pursuer in the stacks, either by staying completely out of sight, or wearing down their patience, after which you could pull up a chair at one of the many, many empty tables and think.

    Silence reigned supreme in these halls; her stuffy old witch of a Cassian teacher from 2nd grade would have been proud.

    It still came as a shock to her that the place had actual, physical books, along with the prerequisite data terminals. Few actually pulled out the dusty old tomes, however; it was far more convenient to just download into an e-reader, and if you were looking for a hard copy of the latest censored text, the Dominion would have sent an unlucky sap to get rid of it already.

    She'd come there to dry herself off, tend to her bruises, and plan, just like the other two souls she passed by. So imagine her surprise when she found someone up on a ladder, brushing the dust off the books, coughing as she read the spines for something interesting. Closer inspection revealed a tail tightly wound around one of the rungs. If you looked at her chocolate brown hair, you could see a her cat-like ears moving and twitching about.

    An Aurin. An Aurin in the library, unaccompanied by Dominion officers or a "handler." This night just got so much more interesting.

    The girl had had enough of the dust cloud she'd stirred up; hacking and wheezing she jumped off the ladder and landed on the floor with a quiet "thump." She coughed some more, then breathed in a few lungfuls of stale library air.

    At the very least, it had a lesser concentration of dust.

    "Oh, I'm sorry," The Aurin said, voice still hoarse from all that dead matter and mould, "Did you need the ladder?"

    "Strange to see someone trying to find a hard-copy book these days." She said.

    The cat-girl blinked. "I happen to like the smell of old paper and glue. It improves the reading experience, and it's certainly nothing Protostar would ever think of recreating."

    "You're an Aurin, aren't you?"

    She blinked again. "I thought the tail and the ears would have given that away already."

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