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Scaling difficulty and Teaching the playerbase.

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by TheJedi, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. TheJedi

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    Apr 3, 2013
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    Many times with avarious mmos as games go from the first tier and beyond.. There can be a huge difference in challenge from dungeon to raiding. Or Dungeons can be utilized to actually prepare the player base for raiding. But where the real challenge occurs for developers is the release of a new content patch that totally makes the prior a joke. But also doesn't help new players learn how to handle end game content.

    So my question is what if Wildstar was different? What if the dungeons scaled as new tiers continued up till the first expansion was released. Ensuring that as the content patches were released .. if players took a break and then returned.. they could hopefully still be challenged and learn from the new tougher dungeons what to expect challenge wise from the newer raids.

    Wow had a huge problem from the end of wrath to the beginning of cata. Players were used to the aoe laugh fests at the end of fall of the lich king. So what would have happened if the first new dungeons were tad more difficult.. but no so much that when players entered them it was really hard to adapt to the massive change in challenge. Instead have it that the dungeons got harder as the gear got better.. keeping them fresh and interesting.

    Would this not be better for the long term .. and Would CArbine be interested in doing that ?
    Just an idea.

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