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Situational spells, racial abilities, path abilities, Fluff, and the LAS

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Edouard Seryozhenkov, Jun 5, 2013.

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    May 10, 2013
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    Hi there. I've been lurking around here since late 2012. I just recently decided to create an account, and this is my first post. I really want to touch upon a few ideas and concerns I have regarding the game. I' ll just put them in a nice list for you guys to read.

    The LAS - I love combat systems with an LAS they make the screen feel less cluttered, and the combat way easier to balance, as well as making every ability essential, but one of the problems I have with them is that they don't allow room for a lot of fun situational spells. By getting rid of the extra clutter they remove the feeling that I have a little bag of tricks which I can pull out at any second, and leave combat with just its barebones. I'd love to a have a little bit of class flavor, and I think a great way to do that would to have another mini hotbar (f1 through f4 or f5) that you could choose and place weak little utility class related fluff spells. Nothing that would compare to your regular combat skills in damage, but a little something to add some fun to your fights. A few examples that I could think of would be like giving spellslingers a behind the back pistol skillshot that, when it hits, explodes into fireworks, or to give ESPers the ability to create a doppleganger of themselves and use it to troll, or maybe even to give stalkers an ability where they would shout BOO! at an enemy from stealth and startle them. To me, a guy who chooses his class based on aesthetics, these little spells that wouldn't normally have a place in an LAS would totally make me more eager to play classes I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Racial Abilities - I'am a firm believer that racial abilities should be flavor passives, and should never give a combat advantage. I hate it when I'm forced into playing a certain race to get the most out of a certain class. I'm tired of the boring little resistances and minor stat boosts. I would rather have the racials be destinctive and fun. For example, we could make it so that the Granok would automatically sink like a stone when they enter water, and make them swim with little water jetpacks because they are so heavy. For Aurin you could make it so that you could commune with nature and talk to the passive critters like they were NPCs. It's little fluff abilities like this that help add personality to a race, and make me want to play them.

    Path Abilites - These worry me. I'm worried about certain paths being required for certain classes. The whole concept of these is that they should based off of how you have fun in an MMO. I don't think these should effect your combat so much that they would force me to take a path I don't enjoy just to get the spells I need to raid and such. I would hate it if I have to change the way I play MMOs just to Min Max my character. I earnestly hope that these will be balanced so that all paths are viable for all classes.

    Fluff - Sometimes it's the little things that please me the most in MMOs. Things like housing, costumes, and player constructed bars really help bring life and value to the game for me. The more of this that they can fit in the more lively and deep that this game becomes. For example, I would love it if you could progress your alcohol resistance in the game by consuming alcohol. So that when you are a low level the only drinks you could handle would be things like, PROTOSTAR LITE LIME TWIST, and then as you level and drink more you could progress to harder liquor. Anyways to me it's the little things that help an MMO come to life, and I hope Wildstar can recognize that and deliver. What are your thoughts on things like this? :up::up:

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