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Why is Wildstar not using a loot system like Guild Wars 2 did?

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by DKNS, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I believe that GW2's loot system has a lot to do with the fact that gear progression flat lines at max level. They made all the best gear easily accessible so there wasn't any point in sorting out who got what. Allowing loot drops for all participants in a mob kill is a part of that accessibility. In all honesty that loot system is pure genius for lower levels because it makes questing feel very smooth and not bothersome when someone(s) come by and play in your area.

    THAT BEING SAID. Removing the emphasis on gear and putting more focus on the actual gameplay like GW2 did really makes it hard to get attached to your character. You don't think "Yeah I just got this sick greatsword from the last boss of this raid" in GW2 it's more like "Yeah I bought this sword for these stats off the AH so I could use this build in WvW(and it only cost me 80 silver)". Cosmetic items only go so far, I want to feel the power I earned.

    Over all I'd say Guild Wars 2 loot system isn't bad for what Arena Net was trying to do. But because wildstar is aiming to continue with gear progression, giving each individual their own loot bag will make gear too easy to get and ruin the whole point of progression.

    -Off Topic-
    I still play GW2 from time to time, but the mists (PvP) is pretty empty and Lions Arch(PvE) is also pretty empty. A lot of people come out for the events (every event the overflow servers come back from hiding) but I've also noticed they're putting out a lot more adds and free trials which feels like desperate attempt for sales.
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    <Mod Face> Thread Locked. Please keep threads on topic, this one departed that station a long time ago, and not turn them into walls of multi-quotes. </Mod Face>
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