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WildStar GC2011 Preview - Player Path and Momentum System

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Piaskowy, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Piaskowy

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    NCsoft just debuted its latest project WildStar at Gamescom 2011. Created by Californian based studio Carbine Studios, WildStar's fresh visual style and the Momentum system have become what people talk about most. Korean gaming website inven just gave a preview to the core gameplay system and made an interview with the game's executive producer Jeremy Gaffney.


    Player Path

    The "Play Path" system will give players the freedom to choose different growth routes and make 20%~30% growth-related decisions on their own. After confirming the growth direction, players can follow the set route to advance.
    Players will have the option to act as Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists or Settlers (4 playable classes).
    Explorers can explore the unknown and invisible world, and gain corresponding Exp & gold through exploration. In Wild Star, the initiation of new routes and the discovery of new lands & new things in the course of exploration just amount to adventures.
    Soldiers can perform melee attacks to beat down foes. They consume batteries to recover attack power, and kill foes and monsters to level up. In face of approaching monsters, soldiers can also take advantage of the special auto-fighting feature to attack.
    Scientists are expert at collecting and inventing new stuff. They collect necessary materials to craft new items, and become mightier.
    Settlers are fond of communicating with others, and have a great aptitude for trading. They can get rewards from NPCs or by doing quests, and can thus raise their reputation.
    The above 4 classes make the "Player Path" system. Players will be able to create characters according to their preferences, and experience the variable weather and terrain in Wild Star.

    Momentum System

    The "Momentum" system is actually based on the "Player Path" system, and seeks to offer players more fun.
    An MMORPG bears a fixed system frame, and enables players to take/submit quests from/to designated NPCs in the villages or hunt in groups to promote their fame. The "Momentum" system just evolves from such traditional content.
    For instance, a scientist can suddenly change to a tiger when doing a quest. In this case, the scientist can just take the opportunity to choose different growth routes for different gaming experiences.
    When fighting with monsters, challenging instances or doing something else, players can let the environment change by means of the "Momentum" system. Moreover, the "Momentum" system can help players adjust their fighting abilities (e.g. dodge and attack) during combat and thus have a more colorful gaming journey.


    The interview done with Jeremy Gaffney

    Q: Can an explorer's discovery of new lands affect other players' exploration? When a scientist changes to a cat, will monsters show any changes too?
    A: An explorer's new discoveries can affect others' exploration in most cases, but can only affect his/her teammates' exploration under some special circumstances. Only the teammates of the scientist that changed to a cat can witness the change, and monsters will show no changes.

    Q: MMO players may not understand the "Player Path" system very much, and the number of growth routes can influence players too. So, how do you settle the problems?
    A: In fact, the "Player Path" system does not add new game content simply, but tries to let players do a quest in multiple manners and reap different results. Players can enjoy different gaming experiences thanks to the content at different difficulty levels, and can see different difficulty prompts when choosing different growth routes.

    Q: How much fixed content is each of the four classes endowed with?
    A: Each class has about 70% fixed content, and the remaining 30% depends on players themselves. The 30% content will allow players to experience distinguishing plots and enjoy unique gaming trips.

    Q: Explorers seek to explore the unknown world, and scientists endeavor to develop new things. It seems that both classes have clear goals. So, what about soldiers?
    A: If acting as soldiers, players can apply simple and abundant fighting skills, as well as learn to use more weapons along with the character advancement.

    Q: Will the first explorer of a new land receive some special rewards?
    A: Sure. For example, we can grant the explorer such titles as "No.1 Explorer", and boost up his/her Exp, reputation and fame in large measure. The rankings updated every day will tell players who's the one that loves exploration best.

    Q: Does the hexagon-shaped map have any special meanings?
    A: It is cool (lol~~)! Well, such a map will make players able to fully enjoy the exploration.

    Q: Are factional struggles realized in the RvR mode?
    A: Yes. The RvR content can combine together common MMOs' PvP system and auction house and give play to their advantages. We'll adjust the RvR system flexibly resting on players' feedback.

    WildStar GC2011 Preview - Player Path and Momentum System
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  2. Nonsensicles

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Ugh. Lots of inaccuracies here. :\
  3. Akhrin

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    Aug 22, 2011
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    Yeah, doesn't seem to quite hit the mark in a couple of places *shrug*
  4. Zap-Robo

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    Yep, caught this and decided not to post it earlier because I reckon it's just bad translation that got the better of the article.

    Please take everything in this article with a pinch of salt, dear readers.
  5. starspun

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    Heh, badly translated articles seem to be all that comes out of MMOsite. I don't like that place at all.

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